These Are Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 13-19

July 13, 2020

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With Mercury no longer in retrograde, and Chiron entering a five-month-long retrograde period over the weekend, there's a lot to cover with your weekly horoscopes! I cover them on the air on 106.5 The End on Monday afternoons at 5:40 p.m., and all of them in their entirety are below, sign by sign. 

Cancer: You've been self-isolating a lot lately, and aside from contributing to your Quarantine 15, it's beginning to negatively affect your reputation. Reaching out and connecting with people this week needs to be a priority for you. Do that, and your week will be a 9. 

Leo: For the first time since quarantine started, you're beginning to feel more motivated to get active! It'll be tough with gyms closing indoor operations again, but this is the perfect time to start running, using your bodyweight to tone up, or find something to boost your at-home fitness routine to the next level. Your week is an 8. 

Virgo: You're gonna feel like you're walking on eggshells around people this week. I know typically you don't love this feeling (I don't know anyone who would), but laying low and surrendering to other people's passive aggression is really going to be key to getting by this week. Your week is a 3. 

Libra: A conflict that had been bubbling during Mercury Retrograde for the last few weeks will finally come to the surface. Be careful not to get carried away - be rational, compassionate, and make an apology if you need to. Your Libran levelheadedness will make this week a 7; but if you react to the problem, your week will be a 2. Just be careful. 

Scorpio: You have some unfinished business this week that needs some attention. It could be as simple as putting away your laundry that's been sitting out, or a serious conversation you've been waiting to have. Now that Mercury is direct, this is the time to get things done. Your week is a 7. 

Sagittarius: You've been feeling stuck in a rut lately with your career and finally this week things will turn around for you. Whether you've felt a personality shift in yourself at work, or you haven't felt confident during job interviews, this week you'll feel a change for the better. Don't be too hard on yourself for how you've been feling these past few weeks of Mercury Retrograde, because your week is a 10! 

Capricorn: You've been so focused lately that a change of scenery is MUCH needed. Get some work done in a different environment if you can - like a park - or switch up your home office situation with puppy pictures or new furniture. Take these necessary steps and your week will be an 8. 

Aquarius: You're probably having the best week emotionally out of anyone in the Zodiac, but what's really going to challenge you this week are the negative attitudes of other people. Don't take things personally. Keep your head held high! Your week is a 10. 

Pisces: You're having a hard time deciding whether to follow your head or your heart this week. Slow down and accep that you can be both logical and intuitive, depending on the situation at hand. Your week is a 6. 

Aries: Your resourcefulness is key this week to being creative and moving forward with a project. Whether it's upcycling household products to create something new and useful, or reaching out to an old colleague to network for new job opportunities in the future, tap into those underutilized resources this week to create something magical. You're on the verge of greatness. Your week is a 9. 

Taurus: You have a way with words and charisma this week, and the people you've been nervous to confront will be open and receptive to whatever you have to say. So if you're doing the online dating thing, take a risk with those weird pickup lines because the RIGHT person is going to (shockingly) love it. Your week is a 10! 

Gemini: Out of anyone in the Zodiac, you're most likely to get through to the Karens and shed some light on why they should be wearing a mask. Use your open-mindedness to listen to other people's thoughts and opinions before offering your own. Good luck. Your week is a 9. 

And those are your Weekly Horoscopes! 

I mentioned earlier that Chiron Retrograde is happening as of this past weekend, and it's supposed to make 2020 even more emotional than it's already been. It's something I'm new to, as well, but I wrote a blog post explaining what it is and how we can cope and learn from it here