These are your Weekly Horoscopes: November 9-15

November 9, 2020

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I cover your Weekly Horoscopes on the air on 106.5 The End on Monday afternoons at 5:40 p.m. PST, and all of them in their entirety are below, sign by sign for the week of November 9-15. 

Scorpio: Pick your battles wisely this week. You’re a little on-edge this week, and this is going to make it even more difficult to win a fight. Try following logic rather than emotion this week. Your spirit animal this week is the honey badger.  

Sagittarius: Now’s the time to reassess your dependence on money and the material world, and step back from letting those things consume your life as much as they do. Try sticking to a strict budget to get yourself realigned with what’s most important to you over the coming days. Your spirit animal this week is a dragonfly.

Capricorn: Your serious nature is beginning to put a damper on your efforts, and you’re craving some excitement and flavor in your life. Mixing up your daily routine or even getting together with a good friend (responsibly) will be beneficial to you to move forward. Your spirit animal this week is a dog.

Aquarius: The stress felt by nearly everyone last week hit you pretty hard, and making self-care and alone time a priority this week is a must. Ignoring your needs will set you back even further. Your spirit animal this week is a clown fish.

Pisces: After weeks of stagnation in the workplace, momentum will finally begin to pick up this week. Now that Mercury has gone direct, it’s a good time to complete projects or sign off on things that you’d been holding off on finishing over the past month. Your spirit animal this week is a monkey.

Aries: After weeks of frustration, you’ll find yourself coming to the forefront in terms of recognition at work or school. The election stress has had a lot of people in a fog, and now that that’s cleared, your hard work won’t go unnoticed…nor unrewarded. Your spirit animal this week is the hyena.

Taurus: With Mercury now direct, it will be easier for you this week to reassess your relationships, what you’re getting from them, and how you’d like to improve them or move past them. Don’t feel like you have to rush any decisions, but if you know…you know. Your spirit animal this week is a sea lion.  

Gemini: Those with self-interest at the forefront of their agendas will irk your nerves even more so this week. But, everyone is brought into our lives for a reason and there’s surely a lesson you can take away from them. Practice patience, and the knowledge you’re unknowingly seeking will come to you. Your spirit animal this week is a sheep.

Cancer: The mundane tasks you’ve had to deal with over the past few weeks won’t dwindle down anytime soon, as this will be another week of needing to take care of small (yet important) matters immediately. Like your Gemini friends, patience will be key this week. Hang in there! Your spirit animal this week is the catfish.

Leo: It’s time to shed your old belief system and reassess your values at this point in your life. Take a look at anything that’s holding you back from moving forward in love, career, friendship, or personal development, and take the next step in moving on. Your spirit animal this week is a butterfly.

Virgo: Your career has felt stale lately, and this week you’ll find just what you need to make it feel lively again. Simply switching up your routine or taking a “sick” day if you can help you break from the mold and move toward a more productive work life. Your spirit animal this week is a giraffe.

Libra: You’re approaching a challenge in your work or school life that’s likely to stay for the remainder of the year. Stay focused and don’t feel like you have to rush anything. You’ve got this! Your spirit animal this week is a leopard.

And those are your Weekly Horoscopes! Tune in next Monday at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End for another round of Weekly Horoscopes.