These Are Your Weekly Horoscopes: September 14-20

September 14, 2020
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I cover your Weekly Horoscopes on the air on 106.5 The End on Monday afternoons at 5:40 p.m. PST, and all of them in their entirety are below, sign by sign for the week of September 14-20. 

Virgo: Be careful not to ruffle any feathers at work this week. Your confidence in handling drama is great, however, staying out of it and letting things unfold the way they should is the smarter decision. Tip toe around drama and avoid it if you can. Your week is a 7.

Libra: You’re in the middle of a one-sided relationship, and you need to get back on the same page to move things along. Set aside time this week to reconnect. Perhaps re-watching Carole Baskin dancing to “Eye Of The Tiger” on DWTS will spark a fire you weren’t expecting. Your week is an 8.

Scorpio: You’ll be dealing with a contract or fine print of some sort this week that requires your closest attention. Whether you’re starting a new job or buying a house, or simply looking at the nutrition content of a calorie-loaded frozen meal of mac & cheese, pay attention to the fine details. Definitely DON’T ignore the part on the frozen meal that says the entire package is 2,000 calories. You’ll thank me later before scarfing the whole thing down. Your week is a 6.

Sagittarius: You’re not one to be tamed, but you shouldn’t let that belief get in the way of adding structure to your life. You have so much going on right now between your work and personal life that adding discipline and a set routine will really help keep you grounded and focused. Challenge yourself to some structure. Your week is an 8.

Capricorn: You’ll get super annoyed by a friend that keeps flaking on you, and this week is the final straw. Tell this friend how you really feel about them bailing on you. Whether they realize it or not doesn’t matter – they won’t know you’re upset unless you stand up and say something. So, set your standards and boundaries this week. Your week is a 7.

Aquarius: You’re giving off some seriously charismatic vibes this week – more so than usual. The right gaze and tone of voice will have anybody giving you whatever you want. Obviously, don’t be creepy with this. But take advantage of this confidence and enjoy! Your week is a 10.

Pisces: You have a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be, and this is the week to let go, surrender, and let life happen. Nothing needs to be perfect this week. In fact, if you truly let things happen the way they’re supposed to, the newfound freedom will open your eyes to new possibilities. Your week is a 9.

Aries: You’ve been feeling tension with someone at work lately, and this week you’ll need to be the one to cave in order to smooth things over. Don’t look at it as losing in the situation. Instead, you’re winning at being the better person and not stooping to their level. Be the catalyst for change to move things along. Your week is an 8.

Taurus: You’ve been acting out of character lately and your friends are beginning to notice. You haven’t felt like opening up, but the growing concern is going to begin feeling really smothering if you’re not at least a little bit vulnerable with your closest confidant(s). You’ll have a total mood shift for the better when you open up just a little. Your week is a 9.

Gemini: You’re going to make amends with or have a change of heart about someone, and it’s someone you least expected it to be. In fact, you never thought you would have felt positively about this person, but that’s all about to change this week. Say what needs to be said and bury the hatchet. Your week is a 10.

Cancer: Your overly loving nature will test your patience this week at home. The people closest to you in your personal life can’t seem to make up their minds or may even have some walls put up, and your instinct is to make everything right…right away, right here & now. Have patience with your loved ones and know that they’ll come out of their shell when they’re ready. Your week is a 7.

Leo: You’re not gonna have to lift a finger this week with convincing people to see your point of view or to give you what you want. All eyes are on you this week, so enjoy the attention you constantly crave because you’re definitely gonna get it! Your week is a 10.

And those are your Weekly Horoscopes! Tune in next Monday to The Mollie Kendrick Show at 5:40 p.m. Pacific for another round of Weekly Horoscopes!