White Claw Releases Two New Flavors For Summer, And They Only Have 70 Calories

May 29, 2020

TNS via Imagn


White Claw has two new flavors in store for us this summer with less alcohol and only 70 calories. 

According to PEOPLE, whose staff members got to be guinea pig taste testers, the two new White Claw 70 flavors are Pineapple and Clementine. These only have 3.7% alcohol compared to the 5% in the classic 100 calorie cans. 

PEOPLE Food editors Shay & Ana say the clementine flavor smells more natural - not artificial - and has a more subtle taste to it. The pineapple reminded them of Disney's Dole Whip. Since we can't have a normal Disneyland experience for a while, maybe White Claw can save us adults! 

My go-to White Claw is the Black Cherry, but I'm excited to try these flavors. They sound like great tropical alternatives perfect for summer, and I love that they're only 70 calories because I can drink at least one more than usual and not feel as guilty!