Finally, An Explanation For Why There's A Pocket In Women's Underwear

May 14, 2020

ruzanna via Getty Images


Have you ever wondered why there's a "pocket" of extra fabric in women's underwear? Of course you have. 

The Daily Mail did some investigating (because why not?) and found that manufacturers are supposedly too lazy to stitch up the front end of the added fabric, which is there to prevent infections. Higher-end manufacturers will take the time to sew this extra fabric in completely. So, a lot of the undies that women buy from stores like Target are left with a "pocket" in them. 

The more you know, right? 

When I initially saw this article about it from the Daily Mail, I thought, "There's NO WAY that it's for anything other than moisture-wicking." Thank God it's just laziness, because I don't think I can take another conspiracy theory at this time in 2020.