How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

May 28, 2020

Summer is fast approaching and we need to be ready for the crazy California heat:

Here are the top 5 ways to stay cool during the scorching hot weather without using the a/c, in no particular order:

  1. Drink lots of water
    • Drinking water helps keep your body temperature down; making sure you don't overheat. 
  2. Use your fridge/freezer
    • No don't just open it and stand there, that's bad...instead make a little room for a couple of wet washcloths or maybe a top sheet to give you a refreshing chill on a hot day. 
    • Try putting in other articles of clothing and see what you like, draping a cool washcloth over your neck or wrists will help bring your body temperature down faster than trying to lay one over your forehead.
  3. Keep the sun out but let the heat out also...
    • Keep the blinds closed. A way to let the heat out would be setting up your fans in windows or hallways so you get an awesome cross breeze, drawing in cooler air from one part of your home (or outside) and pushing the warm air elsewhere.
    • You can also set your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise. This will draw hot air up while circulating a cool breeze through your rooms. Turn the fans up to a higher speed to add an even cooler effect
  4. Take cold showers or baths
    • Taking cold showers are a quick way to cool off and feel fresh
    • Taking a cold bath is like chilling in your own mini pool. Bring some toys and drinks and throw yourself a mini pool party while social distancing!
  5. Stock your freezer with flavored ice treats. Grab some popsicles from the grocery store. Make your own popsicles. Freeze a bag of chopped fruit such as watermelon, pineapple, or lemons. Cooling down can be a tasty and fun experience too!

Stay cool and be safe! #BeatTheHeat #InThisTogether #StaySafe