The Wake Up Call Full Show 10-8-20

October 8, 2020

Here's what you missed on the Wake Up Call:


Gavin's Phone Scams: Virtual 5K

Gavin calls a woman named Lucy who took part in a virtual 5k charity race but Gavin tells her without proof she ran the 5k, she cant make the donation

Quiz For Gavin & Rayne

New research proves that parents' math and science knowledge tops out at a 6th grade level

In Case You Missed It: Ocean Spray Gifts New Truck

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts about Ocean Spray gifting a new truck to a man that has gone viral for his cruising on the freeway on a skateboard drinking ocean spray. 

Walked In At The Wrong Time

Police in the UK were called to a large party which you can't do now, but turns out it was a giant afternoon sex party:

Gavin's Phone Scams: Free Pool Floaties

Gavin calls a big pool floatie company and compliments there floatie's until he gets something for free.

Are You Smarter Than Katie:

A listener gets asked 5 questions while Katie is out of the studio.  Then Katie gets asked the same 5 questions.  Whoever gets more wins.  Ties go to Katie.  Playing for pride.

War Of The Roses 

Jonah was in a car accident and Angie found out there was a woman in the car when it happened

Gavin's Phone Scams: I Need Ashes

Gavin calls a funeral home to talk to Britney to ask her if he can buy some ashes after he accidentally dropped his mom's ashes:

Old School Smackdown

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Old School Smackdown" 

I Screwed Up

The Wake Up Call share times they have screwed up:

Wake Up Call Confessions:

The Wake Up Call share some secrets that noone knows about:

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