The Wake Up Call Full Show 11-2-20

November 2, 2020

Here's what you missed on the Wake Up Call:


Gavin's Phone Scams: Job at Blood Bank

Gavin calls Ashley to ask her questions about a job posting at a blood bank...but he sounds just like a vampire:

Why We Like Each Other

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on why they like each other

South Dakota Meth Slogan

The Wake Up Call share their thougths on the South Dakota Meth slogan.

Gavin's Clothes Thoughts

Gavin shares some of this clothes thoughts as if they were alive like the toys in toy story:

Gavin's Phone Scams: Cash My Check

Gavin calls a check cashing place and see if they'll do it over the phone:

Are You Smarter Than Gavin

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Are You Smarter Than Gavin" 

Second Date Update 11-2-20

Kim doesn't want another date with Brain because she thinks he's in love with their mutual friend that set them up because he talked about her so much:

Gavin's Phone Scams: Niners Sign

Gavin calls Jenny, who works at a sign store, to get a poster made for a Niners game he's attending, but it's a really weird sign:

Name That Tune

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Name That Tune"

Wanna Get Away

The Wake Up Call ask the question of what do you want to get away from?

Missed Connections:

The Wake Up Call share some "Missed Connections" that they found on Craigslist:

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