The Wake Up Call Full Show 11-3-20

November 3, 2020

Here's what happened on the Wake Up Call:


Gavin's Phone Scams: Niners Sign

Gavin calls Jenny, who works at a sign store, to get a poster made for a Niners game he's attending, but it's a really weird sign:

Thank you @jakeupcall for actually making the insane sign I tried to order on Monday’s Phone Scam. If you missed it, check it out on the app.

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Second Date Update

Kim doesn't want another date with Brain because she thinks he's in love with their mutual friend that set them up because he talked about her so much:

In Case You Missed It: Return Of The McRib

The Wake Up Call share their excitement for the return of the McRib:

Katie Throwing Up

The Wake Up Call can finally talk about Katie throwing up and how much Gavin and Rayne loved it:

Gavin's Phone Scams: Read My Book

Gavin calls a book store and wants them to read books he's interested in buying:

Are You Smarter Than Katie

A listener gets asked 5 questions while Katie is out of the stuido. Then Katie gets asked the same 5 questions. Whoever gets more wins. Ties go to Katie. Playing for Pride.

The Wake Up Call Interview With Carole Baskin



Gavin's Phone Scams: Venmo Date

Gavin calls a girl named Alexis after they were set up on a date by a mutual friend but Gavin has a unique request before they go out:


The Wake Up Call play another round of "TALKtionary" 

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