The Wake Up Call Full Show 5-27-20

May 27, 2020

Here's what happened on the Wake Up Call this morning:


Gavin's Phone Scams - Selfish Manny

Gavin calls as Kannon and is trying to apply for Manny job but asks questions that only benefit himself:

Oysters For Breakfast -

The Wake Up Call talk to Katie about her eating Oysters in the studio in the morning:

You Ruined A Date -

The Wake Up Call talked about ways you ruined a date:


Is Gavin Smarter Than Kevin -

Gavin gets asked 5 questions while Kevin is out of the studio. Then Kevin gets asked the same 5 questions. Whoever gets more wins. Ties go to Kevin.

Did You Know With Intern Kevin -

Intern Kevin finds facts on the internet in hopes someone learns something new:

Katie's Shirt Intervention - 

The Wake Up Call have an intervention about Katie's shirt because its a bit see through:


Gavin's Phone Scams: This Is Not Our Baby 

Gavin calls someone who works at a hospital to say he and his wife suspect their newborn is not their baby because of really stupid reasons.

Gavin Has Tools -

The Wake Up Call talk about Gavin's tools:


Dominos Vibrators -

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on vibrators that order you food for you:

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