The Wake Up Call Full Show 7-24-20

July 24, 2020

Here's what happened on the Wake Up Call:


Gavin's Phone Scams: Know Your Lover -

Gavin calls Joanie to tell her she's moved on in the casting of a game show for couples where you have to match the answers of your lover.  But none of her answers match her husband's. 

War Of The Roses-

Kathy saw something suspicious on her Ring Doorbell video and it makes her think that Sean might be cheating on her.

In Case You Missed It: 

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts about the recent news happening:


Are You Smarter Than Katie:

A listener gets asked 5 questions while Katie is out of the studio. Then Katie gets asked the same 5 questions. Whoever gets more wins. Ties go to Katie.

No Name Movie Game -

The Wake Up Call play another round of "No Name Movie Game"


Gavin's Phone Scams: Translate My Divorce -

Gavin calls a translator named Janet to get her to translate his ​reasons why he wants a divorce from his wife who does not speak English.

Grill Daddies -

Gavin posted on IG that he was grilling and Kevin DMed him and referred to them both as "grill daddies" except Kevin doesn't even own a grill: 

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