The Wake Up Call Full Show 9-17-20

September 17, 2020

Here's what you missed on the Wake Up Call:


Gavin's Phone Scams: Check Your Vitals:

Gavin calls Michelle before her video doctor's appointment to take her vitals over the phone

Rayne's Buying Jordans

Rayne has started buying and collecting Jordans and he just told us about it:

In Case You Missed It: Apple's iOS 14 update:

The Wake Up Call bring in Kevin to give us the rundown of the new iOS 14 update:

How Has COVID Changed You?

The Wake Up Call ask the question "How will you change your life because of COVID-19?

Gavin's Phone Scam: Ford No Escape

Gavin calls a car dealership looking for help getting out of his car:

Are You Smarter Than Katie

A listener gets asked 5 questions while Katie is out of the studio.  Then Katie gets asked the same 5 questions.  Whoever gets more wins.  Ties go to Katie.  Playing for pride.

War Of The Roses

Kristy thinks Jeff is cheating on her because he is acting differently ever since he got an inherentance

Gavin's Phone Scams: How Are You

Gavin calls Sydney just to give her an estimate on car repairs but she made the miskate of asking him "how are you" and now he won't shut up:

Old School Smackdown

The Wake Up Call play another round of Old School Smackdown to give away TV Dinners from Lazy Dog

Shouldn't Be This Hard

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on things that shouldn't be this hard:

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