Thunderstorms In Sacramento

What Else Could Happen In 2020

August 17, 2020

The last few days, Sacramento already saw record heat twice in a row.

On Friday, Sacramento Executive Airport hit 106 degrees, matching the 1967 record, and surpassing the average temperature by 15 degrees. Downtown Sacramento, meanwhile, was just a degree below a 1920 record at 106 degrees.

On Saturday, a 100-year-old record was shattered. Downtown Sacramento was 111 degrees, outpacing the old record of 108 degrees. The Executive Airport was 109 degrees, breaking last year’s record of 105 degrees. (Read the full article here)

Sacramento has been going through a heat wave with tempertures above 100 degrees all week, not only battling the heat but light showers and THUNDERSTORMS!

Check out some of the videos of Sacramento Thunderstorms that happened below: