Gavin's Amazing Rainbow Baby Picture

May 11, 2017


Last year, Gavin pulled together 6 amazing women that lost their babies in the third trimester and were pregnant with their Rainbow Baby. They were all terrified during that pregnancy and this picture was a chance to try to enjoy it. The plan was to revisit the picture after all their babies were born. And here they are...celebrating one baby while honoring another.

Rebecca (Red) lost her son Tucker and had her son Morgan. Michele (Orange) lost her son Derek and had her daughter Hailey. Gavin's wife, Stacy (Yellow) lost their daughter Phoebe and had our son Theo. Zahra (Green) lost her daughter Roya and had her daughter Cyra. Cayli (Blue) lost her daughter Macie and had her daughter Kaitlyn. Taylor (Purple) lost her daughter Bailey and had her daughter Rylan.

Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss is thankfully, not something that most people will ever experience or understand; however, for those of you that have...I'm truly sorry. Losing your child before you even get a chance to spend a single day with them is a pain that you never get over but you will learn to navigate it. Know that you are not alone and know there is hope at the end of the rainbow.

Photo by Leila Steffens