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September 11, 2018

The Food Literacy Center's primary objective is to inspire kids to eat their vegetables, and help change the way our kids eat, as well as create awareness about the need for cooking and nutrition education for kids in low income schools where it is most needed. Their efforts are helping to curb childhood diabetes as well as help lower income families learn more about nutrition. It’s a fantastic organization, and what they have accomplished thus far is pretty fantastic. 

Help the Wake Up Call raise money and awareness for the Food Literacy Centers by donating! Any amount helps! The Wake Up Call is having a competiion to see who can raise the most money, so pick your favorite and help them raise more money than the others. We thank you for helping us support the Food Literacy Centers:


Gavin Fundraising Page: or text "VEGGIES38" to 71777 


Rayne Fundraising Page:  or text "VEGGIES42" to 71777 


Katie Fundraising Page:  or text "VEGGIES43" to 71777


Kevin Fundraising Page:  or text "VEGGIES44" to 71777 


Gabe Fundraising Page: or text "VEGGIES45" to 71777