Coronavirus Special Features

Netflix Extension Lets You Chat and Stream Movies With Friends While in Self-Quarantine

A Google Chrome extension will allow you to chat and virtually binge-watch Netflix programs with your friends even while self-quarantining. Entitled Netflix Party, the extension is available now.
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6 Things You Need to Deep Clean in Your House This Spring

Want to deep clean your house but aren’t sure where to start? This six unexpected items in your home probably haven’t been cleaned in a long time, so put on your cleaning gloves and get to work. Check out the full list here.
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Coronavirus: Should You Cancel Your Medical Appointments?

As hospitals and medical providers focus their attention on helping coronavirus patients, some people are left asking themselves if they should cancel their upcoming doctor’s appointments. Found out what experts say on the subject here.
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Coronavirus Grocery List: 11 Foods to Stock Up On for a Quarantine

This is a guide to different food items that you may want to keep in stock that will offer you nutrients and variety in your diet during a period of self-isolation amid the coronavirus outbreak.
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Immediate Steps You Can Take to Protect Against Coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus can infect anyone anywhere, so reduce your risk by taking easy, CDC-recommended steps like washing your hands often, avoid touching your face, and avoid contact with sick individuals.
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Tom Hanks' Latest Coronavirus Update Is Inspired By Mister Rogers

Tom Hanks is maintaining his positive attitude despite being in isolation with coronavirus. Now, he’s using his affiliation with Mister Rogers to spread some light.
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