Earlier this week, Mercedes announced that they are releasing their first truck. Listen to the Wake Up Call react to the concept pictures:


A few months ago, Gavin's wife's phone somehow became logged-in to a Yelp account that wasn't hers, it was Larry Richardson's. Larry is an avid Yelper from Hawaii and Gavin has been posting reviews under his name ever since his wife's phone got access to Larry's account. Listen to Gavin read...


Booze News

The Wake Up Call do another round of “Booze News” with clips from the news this past week: Booze News 10-28-16
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I Wish My Partner Had The Same...

Fill in the blank “I wish my partner had the exact same _____ as me.” Listen to what the Wake Up Call and listeners said they wanted their significant others to have: I Wish My Partner Had The Exact Same..
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Coyote Stung by Tarantula Hawk

Coyote, the person not the animal, likes to speak in third person. He also likes to record himself getting stung by a Tarantula Hawk, which is one of the worst feelings in the world. The Wake Up Call discuss this brave endeavor: Coyote Stung by Tarantula Hawk
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Zayn Malik just dumped his girlfriend via text! Is this the worst way to get dumped? The Wake Up Call talk about ways to get dumped that could be worse than via text message...