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Gavin Pranks Katie's Checks

Katie left her check book in the studio one day and Gavin thought that it would be funny to fill-in the comments on every check she had left in the book! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about Gavin's prank: Gavin Pranks Katie's Checks...
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Shooting Over Grilled Cheese

A man in Maryland had police called on him after he started shooting his gun off because he was so angry that someone took a bite out of the grilled cheese sandwich he had just made for himself! Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the story: Shooting Over Grilled Cheese
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Steffanni returns to the Wake Up Call to share more #girlproblems that she found on Twitter: #GirlProblems 1-10-17
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Best Movie Kisses

Jason found a list of the "best movie kisses of all time." Listen to the Wake Up Call tal about the list and which other great movie smooches were left off: Best Movie Kisses
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It's a Movie About

The Wake Up Call play another round of "It's a Movie About" for VIP tickets to the Art of Beer Invitational: It's A Movie About 1-10-17...
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Second Date Update

Listen to this week's brand new Second Date Update and find out if Sam will get to go on another date with Claire: Second Date Update 1-9-17
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Jason was talking to his dad about taking his son, Sam, to see a movie when Jason's dad recommended a movie that would not be appropriate for a 4-year-old. Listen to Jason talk about his parent's and kid's movies...