Lazy Dog TV Dinner

E-Club: Your chance to win TV Dinners from Lazy Dog!

106.5 The End has your chance to win TV Dinners from Lazy Dog! 

The new fall menu is now being served at all Lazy Dog locations. Try the Chicken Cordon Bleu, with a hand-breaded chicken breast is topped with shaved Beeler’s Ranch applewood smoked ham, melted swiss cheese and whole grain mustard cream sauce, served with Red Lake Nation wild rice and almond + mushroom pilaf. Or try the Chicken Nuggets, hand-breaded and made in-house, served with mac n cheese, steamed edamame, and a rainbow confetti cake dessert. Perfect for kids or the kid in all of us! 

Enter for your chance to win $40 towards Lazy Dog TV Dinners by completing the form below! 

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