Epipen Practice

Thursday, January 4th

Gavin practices using an epipen on Katie because he needs to know just in case of an emergency:


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One a 65 the F. Call one I think I'm the end of the Keating came into the studio would treat today for everybody everyone's getting intrigued. I give the surprise. And really ailing. Yeah what I haven't many and examine yanks in the box at the yellow box it's my add key and and blue hole. Yeah the because you're. Because you're weird how will hold on May take out your surprise is I am surprised this idea beep hey you got your clearly you know I wanna heavy then me and look at the don't know I Celine allergy and first they thought it was not in a plaque dec. But then a couple months down my throat swelled up I'd go to the ER and they had a happy pennies well pilot openness please do not what you keep even all the hard but then like don't put you on the top you can pop the top my top the top and back then are we sure mob and a high now. Just a case. Oklahoma. A game you can pull out my god there's another led. To get adult holding morning events. That's because if you pull the top of the needle coming out bring the little blue CP release and I should memorize that's a real and would work out that the others a try. Okay real fast before diving to that rule what does it depend you know I'm sorry it had a push is an effort and here's this thing. We it's kind of like. Overcomes allergic reaction I don't know I don't OK so here's the fun part for yell. It as well as a trainer who. Like practiced and yeah. And so you get sued. Me yourself in abbey and I don't mind. The ball aren't. Okay. Remove blue saved he released by pulling straight up without bending or twisting it. So wait and push firmly the orange tip against the outer thigh so it collects. Three seconds and hold on thigh approximately three seconds to simulate add delivery of drug. Are we gonna do this yeah so pulled out on a date now pretend like you're Ebert telling you can't breathe OK OK I got hot day. You know what I made unbelievable. How good they are I don't know let. I'll go guys don't hold you really don't like I can't really. OK okay so I have this ready I need to put it away from the actual one of anything I don't that would mean no. Human being that I nabbed I don't know what I'm gonna ha. I dad might yet since that little muscle and I get our annual I don't I can't remember to carry it every day OK right here okay okay non type being. Typing my. And guys I I think my throat closing up I think I gave some soy might come on whenever his call oh. Gavin Rae. One thing people always Kenny OK. Okay yeah I did I do yeah. Yeah and a big caddies over the Allegheny. Column Brett. Is clothing I'm just trying to do it accurately I tell the. Does marijuana OK okay fast I don't it's not. I'm gonna wait and yeah yeah yeah. I'm sure it's not right right right I push equipment even if I don't have to write my goal yeah. Well I guess is that throwing things around the city harvest it. And actually in the way of you definitely. Yeah yeah yeah. All I have yankees so get a marine right. Didn't I didn't okay right okay. Now. And New. Orleans that you can't. And I haven't really any instructions. I don't. They thought. And and that's why I know this. This thing and drop. At all and I believe Daniel I can't kill a guy to catch your breath I don't think I frustrated clothes and don't give them. And a I'm. I thought I. And I'll go. And you're right yeah right here here I'm a huge. Well yeah. Your life on the line that day I get to have a parade. And we celebrate the anniversary when I save your life OK I want you to make it's that you meantime I want you to on how another kid in naming governor regardless of gender. We're like yeah well I'm usually. And and net what. I am going in the black picture I'm gonna put so much secret Sawyer in her Scottish. Cristiano obscene Mac I'm Magnus. If you watch the video of Gavin giving Katie heard training pay and you can text lights L I F eat a 7338. I.