Kevin's Bold New Look

Friday, October 27th

A listener named Kat cuts hair professionally and offered to cut Kevin's hair for free but the only catch was he wasn't allowed to have input in his new bold haircut:


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Wake up call 165 the end what are the things we hear from intern Kevin all the time is the word wants her. Yeah and well I want to advance I want. Hats intern Kevin told us a few weeks ago he wants a ball the new luck on the facts. So as part of insuring Kevin's bold new luck he wants to do something with his hair my best feature I may add. Well we found at the weekend shall we met cats cat thing I. Independent analysts like a straight yes it's true. And were already working good and I or adult sinful son. And what we nature of the week and show that was when Kevin really started to go on about how he won the bold new look which you probably had never heard demands they before known never. Right that this is no you agreed that you would come on and give Kevin a bold new look. So here's the deal. Kevin wasn't allowed to have any input in the bold new look you know he's not to see it as it's progressing but we're almost done right. And and in exchange he wouldn't have to pay for it. Because. It's just he's been so much dad but he's filming the ball breaks out. Here you've been studies carried out for about twenty minutes and I guess they Cavagnoud as the bold new look. That's been done are we catch. Disney style and I got. I had this and I came to an art. Your hair's exempt tell us why you wanted. Ball blew up 1 morning I just woke up I do my daily looking into the near your B you know false play on day and Jessica I woke up my name was tiger. I'm tired of seeing the same thing all over and over I need to change my life LLC burn my staff sperling your steps. Errors and prosper. And then outside ha I need a new luck with my new found a fitness has life okay good this feels on the Silva needs he's. Filing your hair can I know I love it when so you wanted to do something with your hair all so people die out its cabin wow. Liberate your face tattooed nothing like that I can't have a face tattoo you and let brains hurt and you have. Lost weight with your Jimmy's life movement compound but what's really is the place that most people lose weight first you have not lost any weight which is your face. Because your hair I mean that you keep you the one they kept saying. Are you taking into Raquel my double chin and I it looks like she did Brooke is that that bold new look looks. Even with what might happen that includes. And I didn't. Come back literally it's a little bit bolder yeah do you like and looks like he's normal hair about a little shorter a lot of order polonium did you did you come off Karen I'll Lilly to its two engines. That's significant for. I'd never take two inches off I believe you I mean I don't want it to all know you do want it to you both yeah. Oh boy it bought would feel like I don't know fiery red hair ball and yeah. Let's go as far as subtle ball we don't have any coloring stop this like got cake now. The me now I don't again. Let your imagination go free all of this yeah. I'd get a good look like a tiger are edges now you look like. Bell. And I. Manhunt. And not okay honey I like all right good creating RE NN hero big reveal. I am not my I'm really dark red flag. Ready for the mile high eerie out here comes I'd never at yeah you should be. I can't look no merit. I. Did reveal. All Gavin is crisp cat Katie yeah I did this like when ladies are like this cut seven or eight inches well. Usually you're sitting in front of the meow also. Okay you just can't cheers every now. Injured Kevin's days read beyond. It's bold and sure. I love my double didn't Maurice engine wade. And another day. He's my idol stuff its there the day. Hit that blown fits well I feel like it needs colored chips may be out how I believe I like bored with that younger college and you are. Colored chips. Probably like a goal of the color gold make it like gold hit all. Well I thought I'd feel different already you want to know how that's clear edgy yeah. I know I killed edgy I think it's a great hair I. All agree with fat. Why can't keep this message about how rising have now never now pegged its mind here I can do whatever I mean that. You are blob more balls in honor why he'd taken not you know foul line. That. I can't connect the camera now. Bless your heart. A video of this entire summer. I was just tags hair AJ IR 273389. To see. Next so low wake up call.