Terrible Texts 11-10-17

Friday, November 10th

The Wake Up Call read terrible texts they've received about themselves:


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65 the end here's a new feature that we love doing here on the wake up call. It's called terrible texts. A puppet. At any time you can Texas and 73389. I think what people forget is their actual human beings on the other side of it with questions sometimes we get text that are mean terrible some of fact we have gone through. The recent ones who have decided to feature them. Here in the wake up call. It's called. Terrible tax. Most of the first I'll go first please give. Real short one that I just thought this was mean and poetic okay Gavin slash. Sounds like pain. And that's all they wrote I'm I'm sensitive about it I've always been so yeah. Ireland and I have an eyelash I don't know why I love your lap I've always hated it always you handling it sounds out of Canada on it and I think you like it thank you very much a done. An Arab personality and literally anyone can I've heard people they can't let me area but all of us and it's hey show. This line. Is deep pool and allow law if desperation. Was the sense it would be called ring in the hole. Oh there's so many layers to this. Wow what is your desperate about your obviously desperate to find out apparently. Could she be desperate about the I I don't know acceptance maybe people think like I'll he's desperate to be accepted by gathering key. I mean it's terrible tax on the income on hiking here house sic Gavin is so yeah. There's more he's big he's 62 full weeks. Iger go to the doctor or quit because you sound I think Derrick. OK all I got to know grace though I'm sure don't need to. It ray didn't tags that I know I did not now on the verge I wish they haven't until. There. You. Are. I feel like I belong. I'm on the pill and a bit and here's the situation it's cold flu season and eight and that baby is a little. Petri dish you get sick. All the time and get you sick. I'm sorry. I am here trying to provide a good show for everybody and the best part is that we've got something here called a cost but it turned. And on and the best seller at I have to all of the I'd go. But sometimes they're really allowed clubs and yes sir or madam probably sir road that you can't hear we every once a while ago. That at best thing in the few last two aren't it does send you a note coughing I'm all right I got. At least a month and then get all else and. OK okay by terrible tax only to call any kids should be ashamed for never getting her math tutor. Latin and then ten I hate jokes is in May head. I'm. Not there thought I'd just down a month. And that's the thing about when I write questions for are you smarter than Katie ago this'll be great what. I in that thing is when citizens a little long this was a multi text text Al guy I had a pitcher in my head but rain looked like. And I saw on and he just a second creepy old guys who lives in his parents' basement playing call of duty waiting for his mom to column African peanut butter and jelly triangles with the cross cut off. Why how long that was beautiful Halo 3 why is why I. So specific. The beard man I know it's got a guy at some point MM Dillon an amount I'm on the ledge and cash. Last line are theory gown is jabbing ever knocked in a whole team chef at. Everything he says is either mean or annoying and he's so bad that he makes other eight holes looked good. Wow long way and I am playing with my children I am not. Way and I doubt about here don't know I'll work yeah. See here's the thing. You don't know what it's like to work with cancer. I'm in my house Latin. I tedium public if people knew how she lives her life she wouldn't have had chopped. Wow wow wow wow talented Elway they saw you act and what are you doing now. This well is coming out drinking probably wouldn't rain. Can make ABC. As a ring absolutely Briggs the worst out of me Danielle how yeah how many pictures of you do you have in your phone. Where I am lying in the history. Or third time most of the bottle of alcohol down your mouse to. Yeah and trying to curb. That I do tunnels and sticky and each time you put. I last went terrible text in the wake up call media brain stops talking about being single he wouldn't be single anymore and that means that from your mom. Do you think that's true actually get to your single because you are putting up the vibe that you're highly desirable all nick maybe. Like maybe got a trickle wouldn't love you know. Maybe a navy via if you didn't look like you lived in your mom's an adjustment are able to repair and from a well. What's next.