Nashville Magnet

Friday, November 10th

Rayne brought back Abbey a gift from Nashville and Katie thought it was for her:

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65 the end there recently two good trip to Nashville. Tennessee. Are pretty cool or watch round and I have a little bit at times had to do Johnny Cash museum which have that was super cool. An and I locked in in in bottom magnate a souvenir and hotels like. You know who would really like this. Cheney's daughter Abby. Because Octavia I went to Europe and I guides. A guy tedium and near I got all of us like cool little Europe magnate and DeVon still has a nine into the Pope. In this they didn't look at it every day to be learned there is give me a thumbs up. And he brought back. Some months we its Swedish gloves for Abby from the actual slips or any Newton's whenever I mean it's really clear recently anyways except her regal than a trip because their like. Bodies are never RI and a lot of that like that I had to war. So over the weekend when I saw at the I was like hey kennels price for and I showed her I was like deep did you Montel unanimous in Nashville recently she's a cat like quickness and she's like. Josh thank you but she's really excited about it now and then she read any into the pitch in to tell Katie I think it is like. 80 my god gives Obama. And I'm putting up on the fridge. You tell me even I told Abby I was at any real punishment on the podium and walker. Pretty penny of the right toward your dog we get good. Jason at abbey and I had for a reason and because we're putts best friends PF wraps. Really has happened. And I haven't commemorative. Collection. Any good men married all the trips I was not invited to go on okay. Lot of net you CM there all the op then there are literally all over the place which makes me think you really don't care about and yeah. I just think I have. Marines here speeds and are often so I need to get like a big magnetic all art she's using this for years I am what they nuances of the media magnet. Feel free if you got a trip Sammy let anyways. Does not have a commemorative magna and collection and I can do. So me when I saw and national magnet that. We brought in sending from a commemorative nick collection hadn't. Did he would beat who doesn't want. Aha you're jealous. You're jealous of your daughter I'm not sure is it just doesn't make sense to me thirty years of the night rain let's pretend somebody likes you you had a girlfriend okay. And let's say you have no rain snow globe can collection. I can tell from the beginning of the story is fictional god. Kind of a girlfriend yesterday. And did so well I did not Michelle and I bring and I get a smoke. And I bring it back chair and give us your girlfriend who does not have a snow globe collection even though you do okay. Would that seem. I'd be like school you should start once true. Yeah line items aren't buying all saying is. Is like listen. Abby and I are friends eights in just because I was looking up for Abby McCain is where super tight now. That I got her mag in here and Dallas I'm not I'm not I'm not either saga think okay. Do I think the Katie thinks that only she can get magnitude yes I do that is not true do I think that there was a little strange. Arrange to get. Abby a magnate yes I do okay. Let's ask this question rain what was going through your mind when you world thinking of souvenirs for Abby for gave his daughter Abby and you thought magnet I was just in one of those shops like that this morning. Shiny things I'd like all little little shot skis and everything that was like things I was like. But to Magnus is kind of cool so it's not like how was electric car I was right where. Might like one of these because I got her that I'd this Switzerland Britain's last time right but not like up plush Johnny Cash or like. Good TV go to bed every night under the was Johnny Cash. Yeah I would doubt or any game of the magnet. She really likes the Mac bad lies about her own letter yeah I know. And selling and hostage lists. You got to do your children about you yet again to that Rick and I've heard you know L'Oreal. Or yearly through it at. Again I. Can still be good in short it felt magnet and all your short one. A one big idea and.