Holiday Retail Sucks

Tuesday, November 7th

The Wake Up Call talks about how working retail during the holidays sucks


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Yeah. Isn't purely. Absolutely not no team. I was actually got fantastic the other day my it my son goes I love Christmas. And I said yes because everyone loves Christmas and I said war not every one knows what. And some people don't celebrate Christmas egos that's sad. I call you work in retail all called the show right now 7661065. Tell us something that sucks about working in retail during the Christmas season. Gavin put this up on the FaceBook was started because of post of submitting your family works in retail right easily you worked very jealous whole adult life and he just said. And he's like Christmas makes me hate retail all kind of makes me feel bad. I literally got like 500 comments yeah when I said blitzed the will if you were gonna retail what's the worst part about the Christmas see all since we started with music. A lot of people said the music Lotta people are like I went into my regional job loving Christians music. And it has been ruined OK Stephen said the. Knocking on the door after you closed on Thanksgiving or Christmas asking for just one more metal care if you can't I want more I got that's the. I. TE. The parent would do Lowe's doesn't care a bit today. Valencia said. I work lush and I hate the people who don't seem to understand but I just can't go make more. It's made in Canada I don't think that's. Oh. Not a co op that no less is saying it's. As sort of felt like DM means soaps and style killed by the way if you're allowed by a lush door go and their. Pretend to be interest data in face cream a health it down to give your free days consolidate all love okay. I don't face cream what he is suggesting is wasting little time for no reason you care there and paid. That they don't work on commission. I don't know that but I can't imagine that they DO a commission on soap. Get a better job if your PG commission and so pleasant don't keep that in mind thank you for the you're welcome rain sorry for many a lash and didn't touch drains dirty things. Yeah. And we're gonna gradually got to go even should do something at this beard yeah they get their fingers. I know. Since then has sent people using fake bills and then arguing about how they're not afraid to build a big fat happy and most Jennifer said. I work cold and literally they literally hire people to stand at the front of a line and tell people which are registered to go to because people are too stupid to hear. This registers open now okay will say the line degeneration that cold sometimes can start getting wrapped. A growing twice asked said that if you work in retail at a mall you're not allowed to park at the mall anymore you have to park and five miles away and then hop on a bus and take the bus to work all night lifeguards at sun splashed on my god and I just been terrible markings somewhere else that's wild the lifeguard during such good shape they have to walk. Our chance said Black Friday and old navy it's like those bitches are hunting for gold meg at the bottom of every shirt stack up I'm. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Hello ma'am marriage that are working at Starbucks and we are always super busy. Everyone wants a normal brew lay and everyone's mad about the cup for some reason. Don't get I don't get its clients Christmas. Miracle of Christmas Katie me. It. I know. But it did okay. And it's sad when you tell someone that at the last line and they enthused you go to the back and check. So I go to the backs they're there for one minute comeback and they know don't. But Katie worked at the gap which your story. Oh I think I enter politics and they hire additional people. In the back. All all the well Alex a bit from rich action and the any. Oh yeah I mean so any comments from people saying like trying to redo the damage that you can't store even. G it's because of that. Edit I walk past Claudette any clothing store. And it is a decent living is all I'm saying Eric I stopped about how many Arabic Akron has his own Jason you know. Meg just wrote this column is this conversation hi I wanna return blank but I don't have a receipt. OK well then we get the store price and we say. Then they say but I paid blanked for it. Okay well this is what it's selling for today and this is what you are going to get back can I speak to a manager and shore but they will say the exit. Same thing that I just said. Only have signs posted that say we don't have blank and nine billion people say you. Know. You wake up call.