What's in the Box 11-7-17

Tuesday, November 7th

Intern Kevin does another round of "What's in the Box" fpr a spot into early critic's screening of The Justice League


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65 the end we don't do this very opt in but it's it's one of our favorite things that we do here in the wake up call. It's called what's in the box Kiki Kiki. I mean it's pretty great how are plucked from the boxing you're gonna you're so well. Iron furniture retail what it is this in certain Kevin what we do is to put a blindfold on them. And he is to put his hands in this plastic box. Any does it because he wants something she. Always. Some they all play Kevin has as the mean he needs it more than anybody I think I've ever seen right. Yeah most of the stuff he wants tenants sometimes we make him earn it this time I am legitimate. Admittedly not going to give him what he wants unless he successfully guesses what's in the box because what he wants this time. Is he wants to be my guest meg pretty let's say day he was to be my day you know the critics advance screening of the Justice League movie OK okay and how long has he been an. Asking me oh my god if I heard from the studio about when they're they're doing this 10. Leaves look today for too long right and I finally found out when it is a bank. And I don't even know he knows what he's playing for. Well I don't know lol I now why are before entering Kevin gets in here list to wake up call listeners. They are what's he bags. We blindfolded in turn can have a lot and jab then it happened gab and a leaky at 8 o'clock he's. They showed us paper towels up his nose and you can't smell here's a microphone. OK Aaron thought at the box is right below it there. It up and all I Rihanna yeah dude do you know what you're playing for gas destined. You know. Oh yeah that's our right. Now unlike. In the past what we've done what's in the box. And we just give it to you even though you have and a soft because Katie is off beat. I am not going to let you go to the Justice League screening. If you don't guess what's in the box. So that's that doing a better. Time time limit on this at least that's sixty yeah we are 62 did I mean that's kind of the way it's always been done Karen K I mean okay. Arnold enemy Paul's sixty seconds of on the clock here it'd be messy so there relentlessly. He's always told here's why the beyond that it saves I didn't. Now passed we haven't had cancer and we haven't had daylight Guinea pig out and we need. It didn't it didn't hear them also vegetarian I mean we haven't had chickens eat. Yes OK number of different tone please sliced kiwi not OK you are you ready are you ready right here we go sixty seconds starts. Now. Please feel here and I always did this world motion right hey I just thought. I don't like yeah. I don't. I have 45 seconds. Can answer that you would think our planet the Muslim. Oh yeah no way to. The. What is it that little bit well. Isn't movable. I'd thirty seconds. Or you got one out I don't and a. And yeah like a clock and an even bigger on the bar. Tries cuisine I don't know where I'd dearly like fifteen seconds. Your brain I had you know I have good deeds LOL ten seconds. Now what it I don't know what. Do I squeezing it. Our guys diamond valley. Dig into stated I have done this entire thing. I don't know it's tweed let me. There's no law. Yeah weasel law and then I'll wet towel wait pampered how well you're closer you get one more guess you always get very wet tissue and now. The media does what they've heard our one more guest choose lie. It's as his so disgusted I'm just filling all around. But is that. Kamal we email minute drive that went up. I don't know edit as that this bean bags are out she leaves. Yeah. That's what your bags. Oh once I ripped it out they want Powell. Obama. I'll hit you again and I didn't you know get out of Bahrain a pig intestines feel like the average hourly and you know. And that's it's that easy delicacy. You and I don't need that half I don't need it it does Stephen will put the next hour. No it's okay pleased though so I think Kevin you're gonna go see de. Justice League. It's nice I'm a bit of a guy. Who's your favorite line and the plot why is that and because he's superfast. Yeah. Don't pay rent and you could be agreed that in your baby and have backgrounds Storey is grain which is what. We don't an unmanned. I want to talk OK okay and Siena grabbed child that is some what a parent was killed no need to avenge somebody that's got a hands bound and I'm. Do the same store yeah that's the laden not all of the exact what does that eyes by 165 BN.