Kevin Bought 2 iPhone Xs

Thursday, November 9th

Kevin is terrible with money but thinks he made a great financial decision by buying two iPhone Xs so he can flip one of  them


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165 the end. Intern Kevin is your morning injuring Kevin. And and meanwhile. And why so intern Kevin had you've probably march into the studio and tell us. He bought the new iPhone and always got to have the latest and greatest bloody didn't tell us until we found out later wise he busts tool iPhone tenths. There's good reason. Our act can't wait to hear this vessel is good reason that you didn't tell us. No good reason I've not seal I gay guys are gonna find out eventually showcase at the regular 64 or megabyte eight regular standard was a thousand bucks my cell. The second one that I buy my first one the first one as my 64 gave for myself in the second one I buy is it to die biggest month 200 feet almighty god picks immune. I let sand is thin. Itself knowing all the hype about the other I found releases and some everyone wants the new knew right away right here. I'd buy shoes so I can sell the other wine and flipped a price on it okay. Why did you get the biggest one because everyone wants the biggest one. Wait till I think in this incensed because of the smallest on the sixteenth for a gigs. Not 256. Gigs is a lot of space. It is a lot but think about how much music and movies you can storm that with the new Retina Display. The movies are gonna look amazing that's I'd be right on the bigger one that's why person okay thank you want as a bigger role let's get besides the fact that this is looked terrible financial planners and entire Balkans I'm gonna make money selling that I. How I'm in a solid backs of people that really want it and so I bought it for a certain amount I won't opt out. Up scale it to a 500 more. Little realize Wal-Mart already anyway they are ordered it. I hurt it they really want it why wouldn't they do is go to the apples to him. I did I unit dollars class because there's going to be back ordered tell like December and January not too long people want it as a Christmas gift a I hope not swear Kevin's iphones come in I was not a story here and open a store or is every hey don't. I product on the shell one product but they got a bid to the death for a while now. So here's the thing do you guys know how much the biggest iPhone can cause eye is not an am worried it is almost 12100 dollars. And mad but less then I'm gonna get about 1500. Back. Don't know I cannot sell it back far 1500 someone to make a profit of 300 which pays 300 of my other phone so I only got the iPhone 10%. Pay 300 dollars for that did well on clay and what I told you this I put aside our ideas might want to put new doors so I. You should and could be a monster you know fire yeah. Even. I don't person and how do we even by these this is something else that we should've said the preface this whole thing a day at the cabinet has no money. That contract renewal are and I'm not Manila are needed to make 300. Will attend the loan adjustments are you gonna zealots it a bit on Craig's glad I don't now on the street okay. Yeah doesn't. Any you're gonna be on the news let's say you were to sell this iPhone ten on Craig's list what would be adding Craig's list say great class. Dave Ball letters you'll iphone's latest release do you know star star brand new new grant hit. Yeah I can't. Do you own acts you don't think other people are gonna say the exact same thing that's catchy years has to be different yeah yeah I'd be creative get people's attention are you experienced team thumb out did you forget the pre release or do you need a new room. Christmas present it I have the product free I found acts I found and caller I what I America. Florida priced right now sipping their handling included typhoon battering ram line. My own thing and that this is gonna work and I feel bad for cabinet and get a better. 12100 dollar I get their way instead I'm gonna make you an offer right now on the phone okay I'm listening. I'll give you. 800 dollars and hot or not and don't do it I now but you didn't sell ID don't know I haven't sunny and really haven't found that yet. Arie how I'll I'll and another another hang in hey guys senator of doing here every time he. 250. Now you from no and a and a Starbucks gift card fifty dollar Value Line Islamic sticker that's weird I'm sorry you're gonna have to be not offer if you wanna. I. Well hole and as I got I I'm not the right thing to look we golf. I figured it. I'm getting right now that that offer was made up you know I'd just 'cause army army army ominous at serious inquiries only threw mine out. At this. I'm calls coming in left demy text messages and emails can I. Guys we absolutely can't control him Grasso do not strong I'm pretty serious inquiry. Harry RX ovation and quite serious inquiries only junk mixer. Wake up call.