WUC Confessions 11-9-17

Thursday, November 9th

The Wake Up Call share more of their sad confessions:


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10650. 65 V and. Ring. Thursday's on the wakeup call we are trying deep dark secrets within ourselves. We can't wakeup call confessions. Where most of the first the first place to. Third class of you boys I will not be doing one about it. My aging well or any special cards could not get any of the motives I shelter all are batting. Of the most special between. Well. You know at the mother died dummy what else is on mountain trail. And a bit confusing. And my three year old favorite show right now owned. And she's seen every episode. Stranger things. I'll hold. Warrant he literally hot chick issue like so much she's. She sits next to us. Just quietly she Berry bald chewed scared about it alls she loves it we want season until now but will that letter is what Stephen why she loves you so much all right. And like to see it's so light talk up the shadow monster and right. Even. I mean it is always fun here at three year old tell you why you see where mothers crying over the death of her own child. Is unwell we haven't finished season one yet oh OK do you think that's a spoiler alert edit yeah. What this morning. Yeah. Well no I know Lloyd's son age appropriate that you know what is long as you know. The next again. Yesterday after leaving an employment in Roseville. Sticker signed a Mercury sable. Was swerving between both planes. To blink her on. Going under the speed limit. Then it slammed on its brakes thinking it was going to turn right eats but that it didn't turn sedan Iceland on my breaks. So. I know played in really pissed off pulled up along the left side and thought the moss. And it ended up being what had to have been a ninety year old grandma. Alloy shockingly offended. This war so. You you should be embarrassed that's true or however. If you are driving a car you are the middle finger eligible I say that. Don't think anybody's give anybody in the middle finger on the wrap it lies I mean this wasn't just intense second incident. This went on for like. And a few minutes how long did the fingers stay up before you withdrew. On it was almost instantly. She saw dunk. So I honked at somebody that didn't like. Start driving in the light turned green man. And then I felt terrible because I drove past the most I can. Little old man full wife and I know bag and I did an. I don't feel bad so listen Margaret if you're listening this morning the people put themselves are actually two off I don't think she's listening parachute love's party be. I wake up call confessions so my back hurt so badly that I couldn't sleep at night. And nurse Katie. Took it upon herself when she could not dig into the back enough to make me a massage appointment and I haven't had a massage room. I went into massage. During the massage. And Gavin Gavin can't adult. Pardon but I thought. I just came out of nowhere. I was not prepared for it. So I just pretend like I was sleepy. They go all their ultimate tiny new you do. I know you do and I know you know all the women in there. I was embarrassed I was embarrassed. You do and it was made he only got worse hi please legal war. They thing I am just. Just encouraging every harder on the planet in billionaire and let loose I you know me and you know I don't. Not twelve far right candidate I know. I think they didn't happen and they came out I know she would like Lilly threw stuff for something and I did pretended. Like I know is hurting I'll miss it. You know all these things work really know the off my back. I mean doubling every need to get off your back otherwise you can't control yourself. I might be true.