Book Fair Bouncer

Thursday, November 9th

Gavin volunteered at his son's school's book fair and they made him the bouncer:


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Yeah so Gavin volunteered at his son's scholastic book fair which by the way when I was sick Qaeda was one of the highlights of being in blood fourth grade and third grand elementary school. Don't I mean they're Dell bundled find out they literally went like this Christmas as the best all by Halloween scholastic books your third so I volunteered. At my son's schools book fair hill and I show up. I'm like OK let's do this. And they'll library goes great thanks for show or not. I want you come over here this is where your going to be. She takes me over to a doorway that leads outside. And she goes OK kind of when Juli in this area right here. And she goes don't leave this area stay right here. She may be the bouncer. I was the. I was the book fair bound. And my job was to stand there. And make sure kids weren't stealing anything and pay check receipts a crack to make sure the kids weren't stealing any books. And not let anybody in or out two without their parents. No please glee EU or the person that was. Catherine the job. I'm sucking all the fun out of. I think precisely. Not only that might. I scared. So many kids a Katrina not the purpose none of it was on purpose and try to still be TV Gavin that was related to beaten a doubted the book there yeah. Didn't work now not real or not it all now and with that it was mainly really mad because it's like I want a goal we are right there was part of their reason. Yeah well as the mad part didn't kick in until I realized that I was poorly cast. Orient all. Cash because somebody else did it could have done this job personal anybody could've done this job. You have but I mean there's a reason they put you in that opposition to walk and there is. Well your bit here and I'm glad to percent. Not true and even when you or do they like cheesy gagged Gavin move. You are you urges tripping laugh well I mean unplug that now you're kids don't seem to think so Audrey Dodd's back. I'm happy and ammo before she hated everyone flight of the day that I be or hurt her nine year old loves me love. And every one so what I'll I'll every one on the person here's the thing. You. You haven't and inviting faith. I can't deny that I'm very hot so you you kind of propel actually have a. Furrowed brow on the I can't deny that he's okay. And my forehead is actually thicker. Right here it is true I had them right above my eyebrows that it is at the top and I think it's because I go like this so mocked yeah. Just am disgusted eyebrows. A blue. And you can't have. Really bad body like it's. Your big dude. It's not about that connect it is. You're body language. So often give god they like I learned a wanna be here are five and I'm thank you could hear. Really argue that I don't wanna be many places of what I wanted to be at the book fair and even at first like a little girl came around the corner to come into the book fair. And I I didn't like full on squad but I kinda did like a sorority supply. He's now like hire me are injured all. Are your parents here. And the look and say it was like she's slumped did flood in the war. But the she was terrified. And she just she could make it sound and all Jewish shaker little head doll and I go. You can't coming here without one your parents to go get one your parents and then if you could mean here and she goes. Cool hopefully. Maybe it was the way you said at the trading and give me a good idea that give me an example of of how you would talk to a little kid trying to come into the books. I just did what wall gig exceeds another kid okay. Hey I Asia we think it rains again and they body age you're a parent it's way too forceful I need not go away and. It that yeah OK yes off okay. Friend. Are out that none none none of those scary again you know you creepy yeah. Okay. Well yeah good point your edged sought and the originally yeah person yeah. Now now. I've known how to. Do it and did do it I'd. Call a little girls. Saying here it is Steven here listening to that a promise on the ad problem. You're yelling sweetie either Israel or some kids don't ever ever confessed that they have that's. Wake up call and here's what's there.