War Of The Roses 11-10-17

Friday, November 10th

Tracy thinks Julian is cheating because someone told her that he's cheated on every girl he's ever dated:


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This on the. Tracy's son does this morning to morning Tracy. Good morning low so Tracy and Julian have been together for about three months now I guess Julian has a little bit about history right. Basically my friend said that he's and then she got every single girl he'd ever been let the sport. And Larry we've been great like we hung out all the time and it or not to get where he checks me all the time so it is the little. Theory to just the past couple weeks. C a pretty big risk going into this now weighing that your friends said that he cheats on all his girlfriends all the time viewers alike not a hi I have a regular shot. CN that that kind of got in your head absolutely. And advertise on his lawyers like every little thing as it does seem like it's a big deal. Yeah but then also jumped started by text per hour and trapped. I think she didn't I here's what we'll do Tracy will give Julian on the phone. Katie Elop from the roses will see who recess until it hopefully goes do you okay yet McCain. Toward the rest some electrical. It. Hello how the Julien and cleats they're very. Is Lindsay and and calling today with a gift that we're offering to all of our valued customers today's Gibbs is one dozen long stem red roses absolutely free. I'll be asking for credit card number you are an additional charge on your bella I think. It's just promotion we're doing to show you how much we appreciate your business to the silent Sunday by to speak Indians jumped today. It can inch 270 to two people were. Yeah what possible. And you mean send to the pay is and yeah. Yeah yeah well you know like you are valued customer of ours so absolutely we can make that work so what do we start with the first game roses. Who would you like those she got to show. Also on commission the source won't shoot lay low and it's and I hate and then we tutorial. Bases like they're they're both really good appreciate their. You're so welcome now and you're gonna be able to include car needs to go along with each Abbott gave rose's. Let's start Layla as I would like that to Satan. You'll make it real simple just put up missing due to both of some of them yeah I doubt you guys rolled a bit and ordered equality. Lots of great question no greater for a fast this is a Gavin Katie and rain were from the wakeup call on one a 65 the end. Julien well out of this is ever happened before I'm sending to bouquets of roses to someone. When we have Tracy on the phone so Julian who is Victoria and Leila. All they're they're separate room from war left that's true. Let's get right here and our mark Tracey I you're on with Julien. He did and are working and stat sheet yes I mean that's a good point thank you miss your friends from work just wake up the next they go see them. I hate you what you all carriers to me would not exclusive Europe and open relationship and broke my old generally you can go and I know that the. Why why are you kidding me we're. One I'll open a new look we're we can play we were friendly and you know. Endorse and OK you could get a lot higher and shear I'm so glad you're honors and he. How long have you guys been together again. Not. And did you guys ever have that conversation. We are being exclusive now. No but I did learn a little more than shared and at least two other women. Appreciate it okay saw anybody. I animal not a whole lot. Then why was he keeping these other girls a seeker. You know maybe she didn't ask how I'm asked are you a complete and there'd be baggage carrying sleeping with about three women. I'm sorry what I there's nine or later asked what you do you really know you're a dorm say I. Sure you're right. On. Sorry I. I'm not saying that what he's doing by dating three women at the same time is right but what I am saying is that that. Just because it's clear to a woman that they are exclusive. Does not mean it's clear to a man. You would talk about it getting an apartment and a lot of things. Here. That's the question I wouldn't aren't. You like 83 women don't care you can and it wouldn't wouldn't let him you know at that not let all Juli in this. An important question are having sex with all three of them do good leadership element. I mean at the eve of a lot of girls quietly at a portal logical hunger yeah. I'd ball OK are you read about what you're Delaware ear and nose. Since. You have your curriculum ought to do so would bottom out you can't win. Whitney an additional debris got we yeah oh yeah. Email wakeup call at roses at and online dot com the only way to go.