Housewife Tantrums

Friday, November 10th

Gavin is obessed with Heather and Ally from @housewifetantrums on instagram because he can relate to them so much:


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165 the end to get like stiff policy and pretty awesome accounts on instant Grammy can follow Yemen and its member of the way and Gavin wake up call but DeVon actually discover this account called housewife tantrums. Housewife tantrums yeah I like to do this thing because I've found. Somebody else the Canadian I have followed first. Probably six years now and off the air we will tell you in his insert in it out and you'll thank us for apps although he doesn't pose as much as the used to but I like cyclical and random hash tags that people put up did you see where that leads me. And it's led me to a guy who's either criminal or junkie or a bodybuilder I'm not quite sure but he lives in Canada wonderful and full one day I found you guys now. How old house wife tantrums is that is the thing that I thought it was so. I think. Funny so we have with us and Heather Ali they are best friends. And their best friend's day drew here and then I'll what have you moved away to the other side of the country. Which was to have their rights eleven. I live in Arkansas not Arkansas which is why she can't speak any more I'll. Hey I had and I did say young now not only LT. And as you see is you can't help it yet she can't no you can't and then you guys snap chat. Stories together. Added it all together and have conversations to load the video is on to answer Graham. Were you do funny like relatable things about being the parent yes yes I just say hey. Heather. I like your eyes were really big on yeah. And I am because I felt. Of the yeah yeah. Normal normal high die. To relieve the EU. I did break it out and this is Heather and now he may run into an account called housewife tantrums but still I found you guys. I think. That this and this isn't me patting myself on the bag this is need proud of wake up call listeners I think you guys had like 200. Follower you know we like authority like you. Our I was 100 something fresh and I I have encouraged wake up call listeners the volume. And that Europe does thirteen hundred followers and the awesome I want to get it even higher sell how else wife tantrums. Follow the money ends degree and how did this idea start. Well. Outside. Okay. Go ahead. We exe to LA to try to make like a I only have like the lowest storage amateur. Yeah he's lived we have to like delays that is. They just some blanket they need Jill Bakken play just laugh because. Hello we start as nine years of postpartum depression and I just like Heather's may go to Lou. And sells like and I gonna take pills I gotta be some time. Yet and it. Well how old I was leg trying to soccer and them all I guess Italian Andrea I. Hey Janet I am I mean that it is live for today's game now let's. Switch when you wanna I. I try just try countless friends and I member and mother had hit me this amazing things are fun. It may be amazing but that doesn't mean you have to love. Having had a people's knocking your hair yeah. Intel and I explains now this is what happened to me throughout Thailand and it's good until like. Now about it. And I think another reason why I love your mr. Graham account is its findings comedy in what is so sad from China. Or so is stressful or depressed thinking man like so early are able appear parent I can't. Any gauge which are gonna have an Alley they read the history and a dog called housewife tantrums I you what you guys have a reality shout and I don't in though worst. Well let's keep it on aims to grand and then they get on an island which to me benefits you and benefit all of I'll drive Kevin gray yeah. John Allen Woodson absolutely shut the Allen is the ultimate. Goal. I want this house life tantrums to take off so I'm glad you guys came on I'm glad we found out a little bit about about how it all CRA. And why it's our. What is your in this very as you guys put up there I got Ty had gotten through at the end of the day sir I'm out of beer I'll I'll go. Like cancer and Libya like he had been there yeah yeah. Yeah and so followed that housewife can turn the audience to grams thanks other Alley PayPal yeah it.