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Hi I’m Christopher K, your friendly afternoon radio host!  Sacramento is an awesome area to live, and I always make it a point on air to keep you informed with all the cool happenings in and around our diverse city.  NorCal has always been my home, I was born in San Jose, grew up in Yuba City, went to school in Chico, and now have my dream job in Sac!  Music has always been my passion, and I love playing great songs for you every day, while always on the lookout for the songs we’re going to love tomorrow!  Nothing beats that feeling of finding a new song you love, right?  I’ve also had the privilege of interviewing many of today’s popular artists, and I enjoy keep you informed about what those singers have going on in their worlds.  If you and I haven’t met yet, hopefully that can change soon, because I strive to be out and about as often as possible, whether it’s at a Friday Night Football game, a cool concert at Golden 1 Center, hosting a charity event (getting involved in the community is very important to me), or just broadcasting live from a local business some weekend.  I wouldn’t have this awesome job if it weren’t for you listening to me each and every day, so thank you for that!  There’s so much negativity in the world around us these days, and I truly believe that making the world a better place begins with each of us.  Something as simple as smiling or saying hello to someone you’re passing on the street can start a chain reaction of positivity, and to that end I try to use my personality to put a smile on your face each afternoon as you’re heading home from school, work, or whatever you may be doing.  Together, let’s lead the charge of creating a kinder, better community for all of us.  Talk to you on the radio soon!

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