Intern Kevin

Weekday Mornings 5:30a – 10a

I’m the luckiest “baby angel” ever. I am the newest addition to the Wake Up Call and I absolutely love it! I ended up with the Wake Up Call by meeting Katie & Gavin at the 5k Color Run in Sacramento, we instantly clicked and I became their intern. I interned for them for about a year and a half and had the opportunity to be on-air with my own “Did You Know With Intern Kevin” segment which put me on the map. Nearing the end of my internship, I was lucky enough to be hired on with the help of all our listeners! SHOUTOUT TO ALL OF YOU GUYS! <3.  Outside of the station, I am your typical college student that is going to school to major in Communication Studies while balancing several jobs and taking care of my two dogs, Snickers & Oreo. I spend any of my free time if I have any playing computer games & my PS4 or kicking it with friends! Keep up with me through Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat! , @kevinwakeupcall.  If you ever see me out and about, don’t be afraid to approach me, I will be super excited to see you! I LOVE EVERYONE!

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