Jordan's Bouncehouse

M-F 7p-12a

Not your typical radio personality, Jordan combines his love for pop culture & music to entertain and create compelling radio.  He says, "I try to make someone laugh or think every time I crack the mic.  I think suggestive humor is I use sound effects and such to paint a picture."  Jordan started his radio career at 15 in NYC as an intern with Wendy Williams.  Never afraid of asking tough questions, Jordan has interviewed Niall Horan, Charlie Puth & Hailee Steinfield.  Jordan says, "I remember asking Hailee if she felt Selena Gomez broke girl code by dating The Weeknd (since Hailee, Selena and Taylor Swift were all BFFS) she didn't answer the question...HA!" he added "I felt like I needed to ask the question, the fans want to know and I can lose credibility with the listeners."  When not ON AIR, you can find him at a concert/Kings game (he secretly likes country music).  His favorite Kardashian is Blac Chyna...if she counts? 


Jordan is a big fan of the public service aspect of the biz, and has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America