Nicki G


Hi! I’m Nicki G! I’m a born and raised Sacramento girl who grew up listening to The End. During my teenage years I could be found at every Endfest and Jingle Ball. An alumni of Christian Brothers High School (Go Falcons), upon graduating I moved to Sonoma County to pursue a degree in communications at Sonoma State University with an emphasis in radio broadcasting.  I worked in the North Bay market for five years, before being given the opportunity to rock my hometown’s airwaves. I’m absolutely loving being back in Sacramento, and look forward to meeting you while I’m out and about!

6 Random Facts About Me: 
1. I have a jack-huahua (half Jack Russell/half Chihuahua) named Rufus. He is such a crazy little guy, and knows how to say “I love you.” 
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with reality TV. (The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Catfish are my top faves.) I’m also into creepy ghost shows, even though they freak me out! OH! And cannot forget about Walking Dead; it’s a Sunday ritual!
3. I am an ice cream/donut fanatic. My favorite spots in town: Gunthers, and Yum Yum Donuts. :drool:
4. It might be pretty controversial, but I am not a fan of bacon. I know, I know. How could I? 
5. My all-time favorite band is No Doubt/Gwen Stefani is my fashion role model

6. While in college, I interned for Chris K and learned so much. If you’ve ever considered being in radio, highly suggest interning for The End!

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