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I was born in Bellingham, Washington (a college town north of Seattle, close to the Canadian border) and that’s where I lived until 2005 when I moved to Seattle. Fast forward to 2017 and that’s when I came down here to Sacramento to join the Wake Up Call team!

I love it here in Sacramento! There are so many cool places to see plus the weather isn’t bad either. I live with my boyfriend Jonny and my dog Gizmo and we love exploring Northern California, taking weekend trips whenever we get the chance.

I’m a huge animal lover! I became a vegetarian at age 9 and finally made the transition to full on vegan a few years ago. One of the great things about Sacramento is the food! I was surprised by how many vegan restaurants there are and how many restaurants have great vegan options! And don’t worry, I try my best to not be the preachy kind of vegan so you won’t be getting any lectures from me!

List of random things that I love: Music, Star Wars, DC Comics, coffee, La Croix and wine.

You can find me on Twitter and say hello! I’m @GabeWakeUpCall on there and on Instagram (heads up though, I almost never use Instagram but I probably should.)

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