Producer Jacob

Hi Everybody, my name is Jacob!

Although I’m the Wake Up Call’s newest producer, the show and I are no strangers.  I joined The End in 2011 as an intern and have spent many years working with the show’s Creative Team behind the scenes, making fun videos, TV Commercials, and all sorts of wacky props.  

When I am not in the studio, you can find me wondering the streets of Sacramento attempting to take artsy pictures with my camera, or hanging out at a coffee shop drawing storyboards for my latest short film.  I am a Sacramento native and grew up just down the street in Roseville.  Aside from acquiring sunburns or sitting in traffic…. there isn’t much out there I dislike.  I always try my best to stay positive and help others around me.  My best friend is my cat and his name is also Jacob. 

Add me on Instagram at @JakeUpCall!  

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