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The Mollie Kendrick Show

Monday - Friday 3pm - 7pm

Mollie Kendrick is Sacramento’s newest  eligible bachelorette and host of The Mollie Kendrick Show weekday afternoons on 106.5 The End. As your new BFF, she’s here to spill the tea on her personal life so you can both have some comic relief. Mollie will catch you up on the latest true crime headlines and speculate which D-list celebrities will play the characters in a Lifetime movie, tell you all about the latest must-haves you NEED in your life, and find any opportunity to tell you that Mercury Retrograde is to blame for your cracked phone screen.

Mollie was born and raised in a small college town in Colorado, and has lived all over the country from Orlando to Minneapolis, and now calls Sacramento home. In her free time, she’s hitting up a boxing class, on the hunt for the best coffee and avocado toast in Sacramento, and perfecting her skincare routine.

Mollie’s passion for female empowerment and love for animals earned her her very own holiday in the city of Minneapolis, “Mollie Kendrick Day,” and she strives to give back to likeminded causes in the Sacramento area. 

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