6 Tricks To Stop Fights

Wednesday, November 8th

Katie thinks she found the trick to stop all relationship fights and it's only 6 tricks:


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And I think IBM and Katie van de interesting article did lay out we can called top five bully get top six tour players six cities on your obesity. Six tricks. To help stop fights with your guy. Ladies and had a gentleman her life this is gonna come and he and he can. And you're not quite. Something silly the example they give here isn't fall on them. A France alone Pratt fall. Go to Brett well the occasional proud fault my body hurts a few of the goalie down. It played out in the manner I'll get a hundred mile and a half a so would more. I mean I doubt it's kind of it that their yeah really within the full some doubt. No real expert like clowns there really get out of Thailand alone he kick your legs out in front of you know I am right on your body. And you use your leg is I know all about me so would that help Abbott I really cut I mean we're actually stop the fight. And I'd be like going on here. A number still insists that eased certain teen singing together. With Susan real list or is this little. Well okay RI is there music play don't know me you just grab your bank start they had and I didn't start with some things slow chair I do really you had been choreographed together but I mean that that requires complaining that they end. This gonna cause another fight cause you're gonna be leading right. Why I actually have a list here I love our d.s some of the dance is that you can do when you dance together yet maintain the macarena yes you may. If you shoot the twist yep. Number three let's twist again. A lot of our number Superman right I hit Superman. Five the mashed potato why all you heard from the border yeah. Nothing really lens that I am on my list OK okay is three feet maybe he's mad at Seattle sugar that. Actually will work buyer no matter how. How that I am if you feed me I will calm down you don't think it's a little condescending. To me like you're clearly not actually mad at me how could you be here. Here and cookies seven in the theft after every. We if you and I were fighting. And you just go. And you turn your back to me. And when you turn around there's a sandwich on a plate if I were eating at and the fight is over actually free our own. I get. I get angry like nobody else like men until the the birth of my second thought and he has inherited my hang green asked my in Hershey candy eat. So much in my life and he's furious about it until he gets pissed until he starts to eat the playground. Did you know what it's like to be around you feel I can really do that young. Number if give him a suggestive luck. You better back that's suggest to look up. You just shoot me is suggestive luck. And all what are you suggesting. Sex. Yes suddenly things so suggest at least seductive life is suggestive look like you see that being on the floor learn and what eight years in just a block I assume that in order suggestive look suggesting. More are probably. Are now a suggestive look up look at this sandwich yeah. Out are. Bulls are off it Sunday probably like wink at them and then there's the deck don't look like it looks like you're having a stroke. I'm like god is that what you do to market ya know what time is almost shot the other one is how shall I know tongues just hanging out Hume Carl. You know let me edit what we hand it to grab your arm is YouTube really got more and your love is like. While it does look like Easter while auditioning yeah yeah I've had sex with the girl. Hey and you're not my dad's dead I never did mention kids. Org free the only photo album and a warm is our almighty god. Wondered what a top secret move that is during a fight is key and draw argued dealings by big kitchen. And second as we have over the jerk yeah how do you think I. Having your kid. Yeah intrigue a picture of your children like it's across her vampire that's a good old enough but I just can't. You know award and the I number is six rob my life his life would be like without you know all we are. Mumbling a sure fire way to and the fight Bryant. Nothing without me well I think ensues site. Yeah where he apparent UB. I'll look. I have three do you want these beautiful Ed. And. You and then you'd counter that by going out. With anyone and yeah checkmate as you on the floor while iPhone floor another. Blockbuster.