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666 phone number

Thursday, February 22nd

Gavin's wife doesn't want a 666phone number and it's driving Gavin crazy.

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106 IBM. And rain in the wake of so damages money into his new house about what six months ago they must count five from. A lot of times when you move into a new house that you don't really know about cell phone reception if you're gonna actually get service on your phone until you're actually in there and you said that you're cellphone reception was great until recently. Something happened dope they've vandals tore down a towel words though. Don't know but something has happened demise surveys and it sucks now now. You not yell all night I see. You before because when we first moved in art house. So we didn't completely change cellphone providers because I had to literally climb my hair in my backyard to have. Congress is coming out right and you would not build. A phone Booth back there like I like and I should just said yes I'm so what I did was that it's that it's a problem now though book 'cause nobody can get in touch with me. And my mom are my mom my wife likes to call. All the time and just tell me how I. All going on tonight like eleven check check right yeah I mean I'm annoyed by the border I'm well well com. Anyway so. She does we got we have a landline and I'm like I'll find we have got to land line. Well land line provider that out there. Now nobody wires it through the wall anymore like through a Jack they all have to go through your modem. Well Odom is up high in an area. That gave that's the best reception for the house some doing. So comes down to. Colin X trinity for to have them common wire my Jackman. Awesome of them followed them for 25 minutes had the whole thing set up at the person get ready combined dude warming and then Stacy comes home. I ago good news I said it all up we're getting a land line. She goes gray and I go our new numbers gonna be 91666677. And she goes stop. I don't want that number. And I said. Why because of the 666. Things she goes. Yes. It's just bad luck. I don't want 666. As the number I go all those were the only numbers that extending the hat they surely have other numbers. That's what she said so I said. If this is a big deal Leo I spend 25 minutes of my day setting this up. You can call expanding. And then try to tell them that they're wrong about. How they must have more numbers than just 666. So she then get fixed or maybe on the phone she called them up she looks at me when she's off the ball and she goes well you're right they only have six shots. Does that still what did you duo she goes wolf we're not a hybrid through that I go. There but all everybody else that we want Google still wire through the Jack. The only debate that they had 66 XIU. Bird now. Ed team Stacy column like not I I. I have a fear that you would be I mean you can in good conscience. A number that starts at six. Of the phone number and didn't 666 and let me tell you now. It did not serve me well what happens when I did get the and what do you pick up the body got old got to call 911 that's off fault. Then a whole new born from a 666. Number to. Each other. Religious. And things you. Six tricks you meekly Christian. So it's a spiritual what does it mean you like crystals that I. I I don't you how yeah. Did Altman you can't do it. Just words how about. Home important equal June U of having 666. Having no one in the halls be able to dial 911 I. Kelly and there are other places you can get a landline and hot for you different number yeah. A Bible I love to know they are but all of them Cox all the heat all the what that. So I applaud. And you had to connect something dual mode in and then you said. You're not going to do that I'm not but then not get out of step ladder everything the primary need the ball it's physically doing high. And that. Yeah. The loan. Amount and oh my god.