7 Hours Of Sleep

Friday, January 19th

Katie says she's super healthy because she gets 7 hours of sleep and has a study to back her up:


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All one of those things by Andy and Katy found an article about sleeping. It says if you sleep X number of hours it does want. Well actually said that it's sleeping. And not getting enough sleep. Is like an epidemic in this country and very very dangerous because not getting mole and seven hours of sleep. Increases your opportunities to get cancer or diabetes heart disease stroke. The obesity and mental health problems you can't totally I got the gist of it seven. More hours seven hours. Like he usually get eight hours of sleep thing is not a suggestion it's literally your body needs. To stay healthy and there's beat the technical department there's the light tubes in your brain. And then the day goes on they had a gun. Okay hold. And then we gives you. Your heart rate drops your breathing slows your blood pressure drops and then your body isn't working so hard and has more Robertson clean those bring to without. Let me get this straight. I need to get more than seven hours of sleep because the tubes in my brain gig can't stop. Amongst other things yeah the other thing is something called your killer cells you're super duper strong sell that can. This is worth an episode of doctor odds I don't know why because you're saying things like killers felt free to that's a big problem. I'm not bringing you all killer cells and the cells that are so powerful that they Keanu. I he answers fouls. Those diminished by 70%. Every time you get less than seven hours monthly now I bring does not only did save your life. But also. Avant has given me a world of crap per year. About inexplicably. Sleep. And article and even that let people. Not we are often seen especially in this country had Leahy. Then. And it is not that it is actually. Smart. It's not Smart and I don't get now. By doing that alchemy and I'm more concerned about your husband and make sure he gets an obsolete. I hadn't told him how do you make him wake up with you when he doesn't match. Map to wake up with you I don't like it and sit on the floor of the bathroom and you why you Brescia. Urged all he has an opportunity to sit on the side of the tab number one number still. I have told him he million times he doesn't have to do that he like to elect. Number three he said he's sleep too long in his starts to hurt. I can't try about. I. Yeah don't believe I told the mentally I. These are the key so. Here's my frustration rain you don't have kids and kids you don't get to sleep anymore right mere 99%. Of the friends of mine who are parents do not get to sleep when they want to sleep or how they want to sleep. You know that 1% that still does its. It's me it it's game yet. That's why I get mad I get jealous that she still gets to sleep on a Saturday morning told ten sometimes. Her last time I woke up. Own. I can't remember the last I don't even like won't go on vacation or anything like you still wake up super early. You have to obtuse it's just it's well do I go on vacation with my family I don't know like I mean just just when we don't have to get up early due to show regardless of where ego. I still kids right. And they come in my room and they wake me up who they meet me out that's what it is they need me so okay let's talk about it. So you're telling me that if you sleep more than seven hours that is you're getting makes you healthy. So hole August 2. This is you. Living hell yeah. I would there are you living unhealthy life. We know. And I don't think. Those are 801. Line. The guy. Yeah probably. All real and you don't really got more than seven hours asleep. So you're telling me that even you get over seven hours asleep it's not enough good deed on your brain tubes. Because you still have low. Soy allergy Gary Allen drag your head hurts now with yesterday that. Your elbow her sometimes you don't you don't know what's going on your hair hurt you can't. And get both vulnerable not I'm not all of them have vocal or I'll what else what else can we haven't really annoying game. A defense oh yeah. Is. It like working out really well Oreo.