911 Enthusiast

Friday, June 22nd


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Was behind me. We don't. Someone on the wake up call for. Is being called 8911. Enthusiast. This means someone that calls 91 line. A lot. Maybe fared far too often and you should. Be guys it's Katie. I. You should call 911 any time there's an emergence of course. I would tell you who is accusing me of being an anger among enthusiasts first of Boras is my husband we had a conversation about how he ever called him on one and I had a called nine on one at least and what is the check. So you've been and number urgent cease to more than nine seats and emergencies such. It's can you know locker room and I can't. Ma obviously Billy does or doesn't count. Market bad bad guy here let's. I had to call 911 by Graham popular right yeah that's and tell it like a personal emergency. Not one that I just will have to why. Actual reason. Exists that. I shot a very bad car accident I am and politically and Bob I am the person that smashed. And bolts beat somebody else. I air in the senate mean the end that's act like that's not 911 and that's like a local police department kind of thing. ER. Thought well would you emergency. Bill. Weir would you call it different. BP and the Mac it's building. In the oh. Exhibit in my life I'd probably call 911 in three times at the most. Also have called because a homeless person was sleeping on my lawn. Okay particularly if you could call the local police department for that like an emergency. That you asked you is this an emergency hold on Purdue's game has. You hear dynamic of that has. They're good citizens. And what did he call you when 911 enthusiast you're not you're using it for the right reasons links LNG now. About a real 911. Enthusiasts. And his name is Johnny. He is my boyfriend and he's very bad. All the time. Okay let someone be instances. In which he has called minimum OK so one time we were at the park and there is like a bunch of kids having a rowdy little teenage party okay and they were littering and so. And then after they didn't show up twenty. Later he called again and whom I god. Just recently there was a lady standing outside by our apartment yeah. For like hours some homeless lady so he called the police on her until May also few days later he called the police because somebody wins standing outside of there shady looking band. How about that. Look all about anything and he always says she should act on police now know he's shutting out. And he never takes my advise my. If you what if he is Downey really wants to call the authority season in his phone keys or even need to memorize phone numbers anymore. Put the local police does not in Mashhad and do last time that's for Paul and non emergency number. Rice anonymous U 91 line phone operator. We're talking about being 911. Enthusiast. Eggs and no yeah. I know on. And there. Don't know how early. On and we are. Our well I sleep on the radio saying it and Gordon well let people. And not. And that's what it. Or anything like that are. It. It. Nine I. It's funny what Diebler like like is this an emergency deadly Vical little Caesars in the first question they ask is do you really want to order a need and. I got. Now he. Mean we're coming immediately. Beat it and let the new. And you're in neighboring how are at. It I'm not gonna come right. Yeah.