Abandoned Places

Monday, April 16th

The Wake Up Call talks about their obsession with abandoned places. 


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Six idea. You know ray go wake up call. This is something I didn't know about eighty. He has so weird obsession about a day and in the middle queens. Well because I didn't even know about this about myself. Is new. But might urges are getting this wrong and know what I take much to soccer practice I cut through her T. Neighborhood in Rockland. And I'd always known that there are like several streets in his neighborhood where the backyards. Out Chiu an old golf course. And all personal they're running anymore and I and I have always been very inch V by this golf course. I never urgent that I know like get out of my car go check it out because there are those. Big like bar. Things in the entryway and golf course that keep you would be able to drive your car and so that like. Get out of my car and hike into this golf course to really see what it was all about penguins won it. Well I guess the airlines. Doing construction on the other gonna reopen or something. Because they cut down a budget screens. And now I can see into the call course. And I can see that there are a beat there's going to be handed to. Club house why with boarded up windows war and I'd be I have this and urged. Something inside me like wants to go check this out. You haven't yet now we gotta go. Now. To break into an abandoned building. I don't ever told you spoke more but I also have. In the intense love affair with abandoned building OK I am both equal parts scared equal parts excite. And and and probably a third part of I don't know hungry but like I am I look. Going into will be in the building this is gonna blow and blow your mind. To see a picture of said club how you can text the word golf. 733 I this is just why. The buildings on the property. In my got a McKee we got. Goat to day now. That I'll go to you guys. Probably shouldn't. Why it's trespassing and B yeah. Or pat and air while and you just talked about on the radio so if anybody. The property that nobody cares here's how early someone does get used to his construction happening there. It's out that's all I know I just feel like a safety thing or EPA. And. Not I did I mean so here's the thing okay what could be in the air you don't know you never know ghosts gold you don't know don't know yeah I wonder though did they take everything out before they boarded up or did they does leave whatever within there had borne. I would really like I was at a bike ride the other day what do you really think the goal and an aborted. I'll pick and well. I was a bike red and today. And I was riding past and right by where I live I live in west Roseville which is all brand new. Housing except for the fact that there's other stuff that's not and it's hell old. And I was riding my bike path up field the other day in in the middle of the field is a tiny little boarded up Shaq. And you act like kicked one of the boards and want to handle there was nothing in the heel can't do that I'm sure that they're testing. I'll publish a picture OK okay you need to break your okay. Where I went to college Wagner college and anybody can Google that's okay Wagner College on Staten Island New York. Right next to. Our college odd that I found was that giant abandoned. Monastery. Stockton who you want yeah. Look at the pictures candidacy earlier well okay. Yeah. Used to go in there all. I was gigantic. And they are firm. I need all of us so much scary stuff like bonds were there all the time I don't want to. Like their worth like I you'd find like weird stuff that made it look like somebody did like some sort of sacker play. Like that like a lot of rooms have just great pain in my empty kegs and like some time there was fire is all concrete now. I let it play devil's advocate here god here are now so happens you you you know obviously break the law and break insult his leg. Whatever and you get in there that you DO. You can. Can't take anything. I. Or is that hey I mean that'd keep a fact you don't know all is our wonderful mystery he got robbed. Today we go out and say oh my god this is we're gonna. Bard ventures important tribe. Is that here yet we. I came out yeah but but if the homeless guy runs and that's with a crowbar then we actually look shoot toward him and run. What what planet 65 B and.