Acceptance Speech Mad Libs

Friday, November 17th

The Wake Up Call won "Best Morning Show" in Sacramento and we Mad Lib our acceptance speech:


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165 the end guys in my team and I have a theory important email when it opened the jumble of thirty years arrogantly and Erin half there was an email now it's an envelope breast. Video. Okay what they're just it's about okay raise that make you combating that they'll stay heads for eagle try. Path this says. Congratulations. I am excited to announce that you have won a category. In Sacramento magazines too when he seventeen at. Best of Sacramento ballads we know why. Though wake up call winners of best morning drive radio today. And that's. Good joke days aren't formal. I don't know how to get never at the bottom up a gang Joseph wood into an Intel actual letterhead of the levees although it really is yeah. We and I mean I knew we were nominated. I did too but I assumed I assumed it was staged what I does the zoo and like sort everybody was nominated guys. I have to tell you something I knew we were nominated didn't know we were gonna win. But just like every good nominee dies they prepare. An acceptance speech oh yeah no you'd so Ivan acceptance speech I haven't pulled up on my email. However I thought because I don't take anything seriously him. Wouldn't it be held areas. If we did it as a mad lib and Alia I'll I'll go there right now you guys can come up with the words and then who this'll be the actual speech we will give at their best to Sacramento party OK okay don't judge me. If I can't remember like an amber. I want I knew that would happen so I didn't put millions. First of all give me an exhilarated sound. OK give me a gibberish word coming on Leno and I'll and I. And overly flattering adjective. Dahmer. I guess fall. You asked and trendy expression we might need cavern for this one you know what. Is part of the show yeah he gets this one component count and he does say his head just popped up like any like degree happens I'm. Hey we have trendy expression like we're all the kids are saying now cool. And fire. Our players that's fire oh okay all right concurring drink you know leave OK so. The name of all god well connection. Nash he's the elephant god but bald ER yeah uncle Leo I didn't you know are more than Katie yeah. Re gonna give me a silly name first and last may have a slightly. Regular cutting Gillick country okay. And it in adjective any adjective. And has typically advise it fantastic OK and a nickname for a child. Money surety. Oh maturity. A US state Wisconsin Vermont case her form can. You're a past tense verb not. Act cool there you go and a visceral feeling. That he's never heard that Laura Laura. Woo okay. May admitting they made. And the curtains she likes that word she said the quite a bit yeah okay just a couple more a social cause you mean social cause something silly. Aids. Why don't. And now Billy your dad yeah yeah. I'll get out sorry and then they. IE I just enough to shout about eighteen OK as social Collins how about cleaning. Oil covered ducks with Don and blue moon only adjective. Fiercely. And dead celebrity. You think of a verb. I did and celebrity Patrick Swayze. Well. It's nice and current fast area OK here you go all right. And the winner is slowly and only oh my god my god. Don't call. The this is the first burst in laugh. You know and Sacramento. OK there we all loved little Tony and I speak for us I don't bump well. This is such a shocking it's got we all hold the home. The ball thank you to the voters recognize the odds are among the other biggest nominees. Of them could be up here accepting this award but you know what they're saying. Hey I hear it. And why did they finish. Like typical bond flabby Gillick got the actually aren't fantastic fans wouldn't. Show anyway. Really just small town kids through Wisconsin. Drew laughter no way that the top. Of Sacramento. The jumpers and show him how many people. Aren't. Palin nods and oftentimes beyond my. Yeah. Wanna see real fast it is if we all rallied together around cleaning oil docs and we can make the world are more fiercely place. And this is. U pageant claimed they don't want to drink. And.