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AirBnb Nightmares

Wednesday, March 21st

The Wake Up Call discusses AirBnb nightmares.

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When a six ivy got. No wake up call. We what I hear your hair re NB nightmare stories 7661065. Or you can text us at 73389. A for people who don't know what your be India's it's essentially. It's like online marketplace. That lets people rent out their property. Or spare rooms to get seniority having your house. It really is so much cheaper than hotel you entire house we will need to go to top won't. Oh it's so great any. We have a soccer tournament coming up soon it's kind of far away all us soccer players who say in one hotel all but we did not get. I didn't book a room they're fast amount. So all it's like oh I'll be able to air BB I found a small plays for like no money at all. And he's good reviews and everything like cool great we are locked again. Then again amassing. We can now I'm sorry I have to cancel your air being beaten because my how most of them Essen with Cochran just because. And. Now when we went to try to Buchan derby and eat as we now. The price are like 200 dollars more. And we are being before to hotel. Yes but don't worry air we need to care Matt's cousin who snapped fill the big credit does tour money for a night. But I'm dolls. So well so are gonna be air BMB like pork story. III based but there were as many and you'd think of their old dad I'm not sure how old. But. There is a pretty interesting story so not to say the listeners name because it has now become a legal. She wore old. She rented out her like vacation home courier being beaten. The gentlemen that rented an. Air being these for like everybody's per month you do for weeks he can do like for long years he must live. The morale oftentimes it's like a second home for. Yeah. Within two weeks they had not only completely. Trashed her house. They were hauling in an hour. Hundreds. Of bags of marijuana. Law John processing perhaps actually wow even to all. We like a house they ran it should have figured cab to a bank robbery. Right right. And she's Smart enough to have cameras Susie leg looking at this and I'd like. A lot indeed that thing though many air turns out it was because. They were using her house to like process they're trapped. Wild huh. 'cause over 5000. Dollars of damage in 20. We wild that tree I can't I can't imagine how air be NB stories and well. They're real meat twice in a spine. Issue ads that. We let it be and these were a V host you feel all like you're a celebrity because they leave you so much stop. Then you really want you to love their place but the nice thing about how it is back. And try it in their. Please and they want it like kick of the better place so they leave you. And every toilet tree you could ever want that they're stuck. There are families who all know they aren't they Marc things like air being MB yes this is your food basket cracked. I don't know I'd be leaked out I'd be Lessig got to stay in my ball house. More out to stay informed his whole house. I'd be less ice and I don't know but like he'll stay in a hotel. That's just me and there's two blocks. Matt door. Like to call happened they would somebody that I don't know. And I don't know who wore it. What kind of person that what other risks are they taking what they're like OK I usually is a big now he only in Howell. Like on board could see no no don't share Roma right they. He is Tibetan telling me that I am risking my life and gambling of my children's life by arranging an entire home for your PMP right. Say the same thing about Cooper yet you you're a little as an undo everything well you already brought. A point up how do you know that this person is not just gonna drive to the middle of the desert with you. Burst point second point you. Nobody every NB a owners hiding in a closet somewhere. Just waiting for you and your family to go to sleep so that they can stand over you while you sleep. Usually you do it you would know that we could you would open the closet in it would be wearing a sinuses are being be killer.