Ania & Elsia Show

Wednesday, December 6th

Audrey found a really weird show on YouTube that featured two knockoff Frozen character doing mundane things:


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So when we are kids we just had the joy yeah about playing toys by ourselves in our rooms. And that was it. When Alvin my by air samples. You all and I blame. What do in my room with my toys playing by myself anyway now the big thing is that kids are taking their toll is. In their creating videos and putting up on YouTube which is brilliant because now Yemen audience could give you are alone in my yourself don't get why did you come of the creativity and play employees. Man. We are they any that something anyway he's pulling their reins child the self. And I and else sell the idea characters from frozen right now I will say I'd never seen frozen greens are ain't. A lot I don't know how to present your life I've heard that it's a really good to be done you know Bradley did the ultra fresh. Anyway even so big game is daughter was watching a video. I did these kids that created these videos of the little sisters of it in and also what are the. OK so there's these dolls called on the and they held Seattle okay it's now Barbie had as the stream skipper. Yeah exists in the world of mad cow it'll. Like the way they'd like you can hire a disreputable Disney rip off. Character to come to a birthday party named Woodrow and doubted buzzard this base scalpel. I do you think that these are dolls put out by Disney about life. There is don't world other than these dolls where on an optimal sister mocking mouse. And I'm. What went odd because of added shall we let her come and are bad for like. Petr fifteen minutes because she wants to sleep and so the Alberta and you get it coming lately that's lights are out Scott little iPad she watches film videos and then meeting glad glad she goes to her row and so it's not uncommon that I'd like hearing room dean's. Videos that she's watching. But there was in particular that really caught my attention and red light rain during the depression play in. No problems sweetheart he'd found. And offer you. Yeah real pain. Already coming out more. How can put in what they are there ought to play it tells you got airs as a. I young they're like they have all still I'd bet the blaze didn't still well looks like like. Cap Ferrer you know like. Hair and his prayers that they need and then they're just like eating your leg greed and guess I got into. Well I mean Barry hybrid argue about how. It is a video literally of her throwing up into a bucket yes. On the clock went on the plane yeah I don't you think. Are you looking down the think flying out yeah. I give a lot of critics out. I mean there wasn't even some lag suspenseful music in the background. Weekly big bike. Always try to do real life scenarios or have these simply run out of like things about the deal and now I can't Els they have lied. Gold screws. No real lights that. I hope that it's I errors OK because what we're left with are very much indeed boring situations like getting sick on an airplane right. Like they've already done the the audio and LCI have to go to the DMV but on your forgot to bring a check for 33 dollars and apple byte in the waiting room. They've all done no well yeah husband didn't do good curling iron burn honored and yeah I thought about it. I and then she entered pleaded not Hickey and I tried my hair or. What the other way around. You know if you wait a little light rail all of the flood this. Well now you are waiting for you. But he is that now as adults we wish that we had more I'd classes in school to how to do your taxes and how to balance your check out Aaron now has got to be videos on NLC a balanced a checkbook to figure out how overdrawn they are this week. Yes. I'd put. You. Mary other let say there unmarried no not bulk of their marriages didn't grumbling do it then the that they data and. And the frank gets divorced and I. And life seems so much more fun now and l.'s third big get I don't like John anymore. Are they go out to a job would be like a little summer for something like that I don't like you go about what the audience that she's been single yeah. Yeah she throws not the.