The Answer Is Always C-3PO

Thursday, December 7th

The Wake Up Call play a "Star Wars" edition of "The Answer Is Always C" to give away tickets to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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065 PM. All the time. The greatest. The greatest and I believe him like when it comes out. Every single year here at what Wayne are you like. Oh yeah this is a little watered down now you know. That it's only been coming out every single year for the last he Ter. Now I am so we have to. A parent tickets TV exclusive premiere of Star Wars the last tonight hosted by Gavin from the wake up call being starved friends at sprint. If he text the word spread to 7389. You'll get a list to locations and how you can go pick up a free pair of tickets for the screening that GeMS can be doing. What are our fear games that we do you have a wake up call is the answer is always seat which those are pretty much the rules but this time. It's because a Star Wars the last did I we're gonna knew the answer is always C three PO. The body. It's. Funny like that. I would be more in just ahead instant fan now the lack of comity. Can this comedy is how. Tough encoding from the two sides to mourning we're in its criticism of and. Turn. And look at any moment of silence you will not fight with the biggest moment sirens and every old adds it's not realize when you're around your. I'd Connie from since resides morning. Good morning I want to apologize the US does see this guy and abuse. This these wars with you. Yeah OR I if I were to play the answer is always see three PL he's got a game is it prieta five guys got five out of I got a five wild two sounds tough are Cody. Let's give a shattering up. This body. He needs to all of this war thought god. Darth Vader only has one scene where eight princess fly out. BA Han Solo. CC three PO or. You see I want to go with cheese sandwich. But I don't remember that in the movies Dominic L a C three PO I think Carolina Theodore. That is correct. Okay you only. I here we go. The opening line of the original trilogy is did you hear that they shut down the main reactor. And the last line of the preschools is. Oh no. They're both said by the same character and that character is George. CC three. I had to buck didn't speak enjoy a little bit in the original summit it was eight. Secret deal is close. This is Greg all right. Go with a real fan yelled good ideas there's always C three PO on the wake up call. People don't notice it but this character. Eight partial silver leg and now has a red arm as well. Is it pay job of the hunt beat. PO or. Cool other thought boy that's a couple. I'm gonna have a gas on this on the gas secret C three PO. Oh yeah now. Where is it in tribute to two would Droid they gave its life for hand during. Huge war that took place in between now my. Let me I don't regret asking him. Hello I should go back to meet your real life been silent. About. And I feel you did I we have my tickets to the premiere of Star Wars the last yet I were playing the answer is always C three PO. Anthony Daniels who plays this character. Can not sit down while wearing the costume. And must stand the entire time their filming. Does he play a land locale rev CN VI LO run and CC three PLO or. I've. Ma'am I guess the only only outfit that would be difficult to sit down and could be secret C three PO. Yeah. I'm here as a slush fund online you're gonna get the right. This Star Wars character shows up briefly. In the first Indiana Jones movie. And to a different Star Trek movies. Is it a Luke Skywalker Bebo effect. CC three PO or. Again since. Let Fiat or not it's Obama got cease eatery. And he bites so I'll wait a real fast what. You guide CPP it was in Indiana Jones yeah. But what it what contacts he was like hidden somewhere in a limit like Easter egg and about well let's go I didn't know that. I congratulations mail we got UA appearance against CU Star Wars the last gen I haven't got the exclusive premiere goes down next Friday a hearth and how we achieve parity gets to go to that plus you can stop by any sprint location any participating sprint location this coming Saturday and pick up unprepared tickets you're gonna go congratulations. Are the bank yet. And fixed idea and.