The Answer is Always C 6-15-17

Thursday, June 15th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of The Answer is Always C to give away Harry Styles tickets:

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Wake up call 165 the end set to play America's fastest growing game. The answer is always leave. Thank you art studio audience appreciate you. I saw maligned I tickets for Harry styles at the golden one senator he's going to be here and 2018. In all you have to do is just get the most correct answers right but believe it or not the answer is always seem. Not a clever name everyone knows that it's a clever don't find out a good morning. Any cash they have now at least from golds and are you any way to work. And now. Oh good the first time I've been able to look at the wake up early that the plane. Manson as well done you know. How to play this game right. A little bit is human catapult me okay and the answer is always the. But is it really about yes and I OK okay Sydney yeah is saying. You wanna go over that one more time. The answer is only COK. Okay. I got a guy like our president and the answer is always seal a wake up call sadly after Adam last. Best known for playing bat man in the TV series and he was unfairly guide. Died over the weekend the mayor of LA announced that they will honor Adam last ten night. By eight serving back and all restaurants. Beat serving men in all restaurants. Seats shining and the back command symbol over the skyline. Or deep serving Robin in all restaurants. Seen sound. Yeah threats straw poll and I don't know. Yeah and there's always gonna be see by yes you do what you do begin to adopt a policy right okay question Michelle lets members tell. Yeah. For the last 21 years Fox News is going to give something up that it's used from the very beginning. If they pay pictures of the American flag. Being sexually harassing women. Seeing their slogan fair and balanced. Or dean Steve Doocy and his son not Steve Doocy. I. He looks yeah. Question number three. Gene Simmons the lead singer of kids. Has just filed a trademark patent for something he claims he was the very first person to deal. Was it hey stick out his tongue. Being where stupid makeup and see make the devil horns with his hand. Or indeed beyond human induced bag. CNET yeah. Very. He really thinks he came up with rock and all double Morin yes. I am sure he gets done with a lot of things he is one of the worst people lined up. All right questionable are only two left here we drilled. Eighteen program aimed Microsoft computer. To do something that has never been done before it to the ms. Pacman. Did today and they did it may sexually satisfy her well how well these. I do that bottle and letter hair down. Fear get a perfect score. Or indeed give that baby she's always wanted to calm. No. Ordinary. We're gonna perfect score I don't get into a computer this though the revolution start right and they might O line and Harry south to get through Europe we yours don't screw this up. Question number five. Scientists recently discovered that giant version of this animal once roamed Australia. As recently as only two million years ago. Were they giant sized NA didn't go as. Being Outback Steakhouse servers. And the Turkey is or deep Nicole Kidman's. I'm gonna go see. Think I modesty is not policy Eisley I congratulations you're going to see Harry styles at the golden one senator when he's in town in twentieth eighteen congratulations. Thank you don't. Call. IBM whose.