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Monday, July 17th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of The Answer is Always C to give away CA State Fair tickets:



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And my cell Disney had their 23 convention over the weekend get a explain what the says every two years Disney. Is mean as an entire conventions for Disney and the Disney plans only. That can be seen. Information cutting edge tech may. Information about the live action films and their animated films and all theme park news. And this year which is just over the weekend fit what is sure urged Euro. Of awesome that's okay like. Goose bump inducing Austin again I left off most of the Disney World stuff because they figured our listeners like are more urged him Disney land the stuff you. So and I mean I'm certainly more inches and did Elaine sure somebody if you wanna hear everything though I posted everything up on my FaceBook. Age I sort of let me answer is always sees a Gavin Desi Disney themed answers always see today Elizabeth from Fairfield on good morning Elizabeth. I'd so to play for a fourth tacky genius of the California state fair for wake up call day. Which is gonna go down on July 29 we're gonna broadcast the show live so you can come hang out bust. ITI cal for recede very huge asset to get them all rights. In just a little bit of a hints. Cancers so we see Gregg and I felt I. Not a matter try your best just they see ever after every question really the meal you big Disney yeah. I. I am yeah. It. I started OK here we go first question. They gave deet tails. On the live action dumb Bob Hope which is being directed by Tim Burton and already in production while we yeah. Although Powell that was a shock this sounds good anything like cartoon all I Marty's had a jar of course. A lot of. In which confirmed that Will Smith will play the genie. And vol Lion King which there was they standing ovation. When de de made everyone stand and applaud okay. Being announced it will be released in smell O vision. Feet screamed the opening circle a lot yeah. Or. It. Is apparently people work. So breast and let's talk about Will Smith being the genie. Odds are terrible choice okay that's the worst choice of ever actually read it did add that later got a lead that's a question emerge the audience is always all right let's. Go to lied Disneyland in California adventure paradise pier at Disney's California Adventure will be closing down. And is going to reopen in 28 team with an entirely new look. He's paradise pier hotel now paradise pier is is what is but it's also the par with a has Toy Story mania. And I. Oh okay screaming caliber either. Want it is going to but it's gonna reopen with the entirely new look isn't going to be a underwater due to climate change. C. Big called Pixar peer featuring all new attractions in characters from all Pixar movies. Org T and all Donald Duck theme section called Donald Duck. All. They soundtrack. That's gonna reopen these kids are. I'm not sure how I feel about I think it's going to be awesome what did they saving about finally getting his sad thing about her Sacramento in California adventures and it's only the capital no mention Sacramento girl was looking forward to Donald got a good right I mean numbers are. Okay do. World is going to build a Star Wars themed hotel. Unlike anything in the world. What makes it unique is that you'll may actually be shot into space. Free. We immersed in a world where the entire staff play characters and you'll be treated like your character that you selected check him. Horton dean paid 20000 dollars per night. Eight. Them and they all. It'd be like when you have a princess come near prince does party. The they'd stay in character. The entire time it's hard making you've got nowhere yeah yeah you gotta like that that's gonna be exactly like that which is awesome and awkward at the single. Are your three daddy got to org already finds the answers all. See Emily could call speaking of Star Wars the name of this war is land at Disneyland Disney World was finally revealed and these big going to be called eighth Star Wars the search for more money. V Star Wars a 120 minute wait all day and dad. See Star Wars galaxies damage or. A crack at the Clinton. Yeah there wasn't any adverse line ending quest for more money was and that's baseball suddenly I should say to check our last one here we go you ready. Are right on the animation front they talked about Toy Story four. Incredibles 20 and the new Pixar movie which is gonna be about else. The most excitement though came from the sequel to wreck it Ralph which will be called Ralph breaks the Internet. Where it was revealed that Ralph and Vanilla beat well. Hey play each other and online poker. Me become a YouTube stars. Fees and counter every didn't. Encounter every Disney princess which will be voiced by all the original actors says. All our. I'm. Any. They got all the original Disney bet all at the mole on there. Anyway there's gonna be like to see where they like me all the Disney princesses in the Internet TL yeah. That's awesome unlike other so much board for this stuff came out you worry about like just bought an excitement I mean listeners were messaging me that were down a deep 43. And some of homer bringing back some shirts and some pain that number excited about. Yeah it just for me oh yeah I mean. Disney thing you're not down. Does not as big and using me as you are I can I still Wear shirts. Made Sanford said yeah. Idol does bits out of the nativity for packet tickets to the California State there. And you can come and swing by RL we can call broadcast on July 29 congratulations. I don't think I. Only have. 065 the end when.