The Answer Is Always C 7-20-17

Thursday, July 20th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "The Answer Is Always C" to give away California State Fair tickets...

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I'd be as high health precinct here in town for packaging its online wakeup call date is gonna be on Saturday July H 1 evening night. You know we're gonna broadcast show lineup there's if you wanna combined say hide Oscar. To win the tickets were gonna play the answer is always see breakdowns here of the rules but the answer is always see. And it sometimes beats you know but what about. Are. You ready apply. Lester bunch questions. And the answers always see our okay here we go. First question did. Baltimore PD is under hot water after several cops were cotton planting evidence in a suspect's backyard. They were caught because hey. They're conscious has got the better of being property of Baltimore PD was all over the baggy of drug drugs seat. A body can't recorded thirty seconds before was turned back gone or. Inked. Parent would have been funny now I like and I don't even been the story of the century our worst investment in a pet. Soon. OK next question. OJ Simpson pull out people don't say that enough that he's up for parole. According to a report. Dick could be. Why is he allegedly. Caught a murdering someone who. Being. Kelly some wine. Seat. Lies during himself and his cell. Or deet and being someone's life. Now. Now they haven't saying that that's not true. Well. I think it's not true what you're saying ends. We would never disclosed. So you know all the behavioral issues and then in rye yeah. But he did kill someone OK okay speaks. IDS is always CLA could call old won't. These tweets went viral after she posted a picture of how happy she wise that the two seats next her on her flight work and it was all of ruined though when that aid those passengers showed up late. Beat a flight attendant placed a barking dog gone it. He's the person behind her put their bare feet on the all brand fool. Or deed the plane crashed. A great job cops got. And they are not cute feet and and be abandoned their battered woman's feet they're bad woman he would like really thanked Tony Alba. And light and and Europe in a few weeks so I have day you know like four hour plane ride to new York and then like the I'd hour plane ride to Europe now and it's with those small things for that long a period of time. Cowards in the could you imagine the nerve with somebody just thinking that I can put a bear anyway okay oh my god I do more questions. Eight fugitive in Louisiana was finally arrested after two years when he was hitch hiking hiking on the side of the highway. The reason he was caught was eighth he committed another crime. Or indeed got a reality show called my funny fugitive if. You play buyer and what the theme song to my funny fugitive soundly. No city let me OK I know there of he had. News did yeah that's a good. All right I better I gave you tune a day it's just like Bob up and and the words that. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob bud try it isn't and he had. Yeah and not funny yeah. Like I my dad's got the idea was. I'm on there isn't always deadly to golf despite having EI the more. And two million are fishermen in New Hampshire caught an extremely rare blue lobster. The man took the voluble catch an 888. Beat David YouTube channel. C handed over to scientists to study or do you try to cheer up from those blue. Yeah. What would you know. I can put it would have blue lobster T see any different than a regular certainly what what light blue and ironically he's like strawberries without. Talent has based himself. Yeah. I mean your congratulations you've got a four packages at California state fair and wake up call day is Saturday July 29 rebroadcast live from the barrel CLA congratulations. 0165. C and yeah.