The Answer is Always C 9-12-17

Tuesday, September 12th

The Wake Up Call plays another round of The Answer is Always C for WWE 4th row tickets:


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65 the end I'd stand by the world's easiest contest. Thought the answer is always see. Play ideally is again and it'll ask you five questions. Yeah I'm all right. Get you tickets fourth row tickets to the WWE. And golden one sinner with Roman brains brawn stroman the Intercontinental championship match dean Ambrose Seth Rollins are right now. Shame this mayor is saying words all the names like buzz saw. Some lower. Harvey Oswald. It'd evidence those heroes professional rests its satellite wrestler named before he killed. It is possible Indiana allegedly. Complex delayed on his tag team partner grassy Knoll. I made history jokes yeah. Years ago. Adam everybody laughs at the all right I Megan's aunt from Sacramento the morning Nagin. All right it's easy to play the answer is always see there's only run one rule and that is the answer is always see you got it. Got a I Gavin whenever reading a man was involved in a lawsuit with the monkey. And it just reached a settlement actually he was involved with speed up. Who represented the monkey that's OK okay so what does did do laser where Monday was that has sued in a courtroom and now it is assumed it was. Fight over who owns today. A banana. We I how else seeing. A series itself eased the monkey talk or. But. I'm not a policy yes zero crime. But consulting group. He was that the gentleman's. And that's what they suit about and thank god Pete is doing the big work by presenting a monkey could do from. Very upset I hope the monkey was in the courtroom just sitting there want to arguing back and coming into. Action. I wouldn't answer is always Selig could gone a couple of New England are suing the school they're eight and six year old boys attend. The reason why is because the school allow holds. Beat Maroon 5 songs and seeing boys to Wear dresses to school. Or defense it's banners. Let had to pull out battery inside I don't like so I think. I. Couldn't. There are bears at the school that's a great points out that's a great point although it's England I don't think there are bears and England kicked a chair. Good Eid Al dueling and we don't know for sure. Mike I guess you know. The ultimate local. Are there bears an England before this bid is done if it is hot right answer is always seek. Nine year old woman was long heard the bad. But as a dying request to her grandchildren. Came in her hospital room and reenacted. It. Today the Korean War. And beat the 2016 election year free. Their wedding ceremony. More indeed the last episode Steinfeld. I. You mean. But at the picnic. Is now however. I'm gonna have to it was nice. Are you Rio to mourn these tickets are yours you get to go see buzz saw our periodic. Make your conservative congressmen Ted Cruz was trending on Twitter last night after he'll like to post that featured hey. God. Big guns. C hardcore pornography. Or deep Texas. You got it out at one yeah. What is trending on name. About got insurance something political I'm just gonna step out didn't didn't click on rye and the other was Warren Adams. Think in my heart. Lou yeah by less funny answers always seal is that I'm okay and American Airlines flight going from California to Arizona was canceled. After a flight attendant saw and then lost track of they can't Pepsi. Me a bag of cookies. C. A scorpion. Ordain. The pilot. At him. I am gonna go with C. I'm nothing bothers me more than when a flight gets canceled but at somebody was like guys is all scorpion and I don't leave any more I do like I got an excellent yeah. And slim who will live I live here now for I think that we imported a bar let us know when you re publishing. Congratulations. I'm Megan go out for the road tickets to WW live at the golden one senator Agassi on Friday night September 22 way to go. I think I.